It's always time for tea

DIY Oatmeal Mask

Last week I over-exfoliated my face. Ouch. Searching for something to soothe my irritated skin, I came across the oatmeal face mask. Oatmeal is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps soothe the skin and tone down redness, and it forms a true power combo with the best face mask ingredient ever, honey.
In today’s video I’m sharing the recipe with you. Enjoy!


DIY Natural Hair Lightener

Oh, dying hair… It’s something women (and men) have been doing since the dawn of men, and I don’t think we’ll ever stop. One of the most popular but also most hair damaging procedures, is going lighter. Luckily, I’ve got a DIY all natural hair lightener recipe for you that you can use to make that summer glow, balayage, or bright highlights happen! This recipe will lighten your hair a few shades at a time with minimal damage, so with time you can go as light as you wish, completely free of nasty chemicals. Enjoy!


DIY Kimono | Beginner’s Sewing Project

Kimonos are one of the most perfect accessories for spring, in my opinion. They’re floral, flowy, happy and easily spruce up a simple outfit. Only downside, they tend to be ridiculously expensive.

Luckily it’s incredibly easy to make your own! Grab a nice flowy fabric and your DIY kimono will be done in 30 minutes. This is a perfect project for beginners, so have fun with it!