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New In: Leather & Fuzz

Wednesday last week, the weather was so lovely (rare event!) that I wanted to go outside for a bit. I headed into town, went in to H&M, there was a sale… The rest is history. I’d been looking for a black leather skater skirt for a while, so I tried my luck in H&M. I didn’t find the perfect leather skirt, but I did find the perfect black skater skirt and the perfect pair of faux leather pants. And I found the perfect fuzzy, soft, oversized sweater to go with the perfect leather pants. In my shopping bag they went, oops!

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New In: Winter Coat & Boots [OOTD]

I went shopping! This doesn’t happen a lot, but I treated myself to a nice day of shopping. I was really good though, and only got items that I really needed. I got a new winter coat since I’d lost all (!) the buttons of my old one and the pocket lining had torn. I’d also been wearing it with love for five years, so it was time to replace it. And I really needed some flat ankle boots to wear to work and on long days. Let’s take a look!


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OOTD: Gloomy Days

The weather has been horrible in the Netherlands lately. We’ve been having a lot of rain and strong wind, so whenever it picks up a little bit I like to go out and enjoy the fresh air. Last week we had a moment like that, so Robbert and I went out to try the new 50mm lens that I got for Christmas. I love love love the effect it gives!

What I was wearing is actually one of my favourite outfits right now. I love chunky knits and leggings for winter!


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