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New In: Backpack & Boots


My love for bags is never ending. Whenever I see a cute bag I want to have it, and although I try my hardest (and pretty succesfully, I think) to resist, I have a lot of them. Needless to say, when Robbert pointed out this backpack to me at Primark the other day, it went straight into the shopping bag. Especially when I saw the price. €11, what?!

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Purging & Organising My Makeup

When October comes around and I start working on Halloween tutorials, my makeup collection takes a hit. Products get mixed up, SFX stuff makes its way into my daily stash, things go missing, and the mess… Oh, the mess! A thorough purge and cleanse is necessary.

I took a few hours out of my day to take all my makeup out of the drawers, clean the products, throw some out, and put them back in a more orderly fashion.

I hope watching this will inspire some of you to go through your collections as well. It needs to be done every now and then!


Used up: Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo

I used up a bottle of shampoo! It’s a miracle!
For some reason, shampoos tend to last me forever. I got this one last christmas, so I used it for almost a year. What?! Here’s my review of the Organix ever straight brazilian keratin therapy shampoo.

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For Whom Do We Wear Makeup?

It’s time for some brain picking and opinion sharing. Today I want to tackle the issue of wearing makeup, and mainly the reasons why we do it.

The first thing you probably want to say right now is “Me! I wear makeup for me!”. I personally can’t agree with that straight away, without arguments. When I’m alone, I don’t wear makeup. I wear it when I go out the door because it sends a message that I’m clean and put together, “made an effort”. I really can’t say I wear my everyday, natural looking makeup just for me.

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