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For Whom Do We Wear Makeup?

It’s time for some brain picking and opinion sharing. Today I want to tackle the issue of wearing makeup, and mainly the reasons why we do it.

The first thing you probably want to say right now is “Me! I wear makeup for me!”. I personally can’t agree with that straight away, without arguments. When I’m alone, I don’t wear makeup. I wear it when I go out the door because it sends a message that I’m clean and put together, “made an effort”. I really can’t say I wear my everyday, natural looking makeup just for me.

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DIY Sharpie Bowls

Sharpie mugs have been a thing for a while now. They’re all over Pinterest and I can see why: you can draw ANY design onto a mug, bake it for a bit, and make it water resistant! Perfect!
I decided to make not mugs, but DIY sharpie bowls instead. Gotta stay different, right? Also because I just really don’t need more mugs. Perks of having a tea obsession.


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