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Ice Cold Beauty Essentials

When I left the Netherlands, there were spring flowers blooming in the park, treetops were green and birds were singing in the morning.Β Can’t compare that to where I am now! Here in Austria, there’s snow covering the roofs and an icy wind is blowing. I’m here on a snow sport trip and I’m not used to these weather conditions, so I brought a few products to help me along. It’s all about fighting the elements! These are my ice cold beauty essentials.

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Look Your Best Without Makeup

There are situations when it’s better to go without makeup: going to the gym, beach, or spa, for example. But honestly, you don’t need a reason to not wear makeup. Many people choose to only wear makeup occasionally, or not at all. It’s really good to give your skin a breather!
I wear makeup about four days out of the week, and go without for the other three. I love my makeup free days! It saves time in the morning and evening, you don’t have to check and touch up throughout the day, you can rub your eyes… πŸ˜‰ Today I’m going to share my tips with you on how to look your best without makeup. Enjoy!


How I Organise Photos On My Laptop

Last week I talked about digital decluttering for a bit. I mentioned organising your digital photos into folders, and today I want to share how I organise mine. I think I’ve got a pretty good system down now that works well for me, and it may just help some of you get your photos in order. I have three major folders for my photos: my personal photos, my MUA photos, and photos for Loepsie. Let’s go!

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No Heat Waves

I’m always on the hunt for great heatless curling methods. Overnight curls are my favourite, it’s just so amazing to wake up with great curly hair.
I do have a problem with overnight waves, however. Sleeping with my hair in braids or twists just doesn’t cut it for me; since my hair is pretty thin, my ends are twisted or braided way too tightly and end up as tiny, frizzy crimps. I can successfully curl my hair overnight with several different methods, and now I finally have a overnight wave method that works. Check it out in the video below!

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