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Shaping & Contouring: Yay or Nay?

Contouring & highlighting; the act of using light and dark makeup to alter the shape of one’s face and/or body. I think contouring is very fun to play with. It’s a great artistic techique that is perfect for celebrity transformations, drag queens (who actually developed this method) and halloween. I use contouring when I’m trying to change the shape of my face or look like another person. And that’s exactly why I have a little bit of a problem with contouring on a daily basis.

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DIY Kimono | Beginner’s Sewing Project

Kimonos are one of the most perfect accessories for spring, in my opinion. They’re floral, flowy, happy and easily spruce up a simple outfit. Only downside, they tend to be ridiculously expensive.

Luckily it’s incredibly easy to make your own! Grab a nice flowy fabric and your DIY kimono will be done in 30 minutes. This is a perfect project for beginners, so have fun with it!