It's always time for tea

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. Speherd’s pie is not the easiest dish to take a pretty photo of, and needless to say, I failed. BUT: for all its ugliness, it’s so so good!

Today I want to share my favourite shepherd’s pie with you. It’s vegetarian, filled with lots of delicious and healthy veggies, and you can easily make it vegan.

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DIY Tea Light Snowmen

I can’t get enough of Christmas DIY’s. Pinterest is overflowing with cute ideas and I found these little fellows on there as well. Sadly, I couldn’t find the source (if anyone knows who’s orginal idea this is- please tell me! I’d love to credit them!) so I decided to do my own interpretation of it. Read on to see how to make these light-up snowman ornaments!


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DIY Christmas In A Jar

Around this season, I love to go on Pinterest and pin away like crazy. The cutest things come up! One of the things I found on there were these snowglobe jars. I’d seen something similar on Dutch beauty blog BeautyLab a few weeks before, and now I really wanted my own! So keep reading to see how you can make your very own tiny Christmas in a jar 🙂


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