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New In: Primark Haul

Robbert and I went on our seasonal shoppig trip! As you could see in my photo diary, we went to Arnhem to do some shopping. And let’s be honest, we usually end up at Primark. I was a little disappointed by the collection this time, as almost all the pieces I was attracted to had a high neckline. A high neckline just doesn’t work well with my body shape, I learned the hard way, haha. I noticed that any time I looked back at a picture of myself and thought “what is wrong with my boobs???” I was wearing a high neckline. So no more of those.

Anyways, that meant that a lot of the items I tried on, I gave right back to the lady by the fitting rooms. I only ended up taking a few items home with me, but these I absolutely love and will surely wear a lot.


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New In: Ireland Haul

Of course I couldn’t resist doing some shopping while I was in Dublin! I tried really hard to contain myself and not get too much, and I think I did pretty well. I got a couple of things that I needed and a couple that I didn’t necessarily need but am very, very happy with. I’d like to show you everything I got today as I’m super excited about all of these items!

ireland haul 4

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