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A Shoot In Utrecht

A while ago I got contacted by the lovely young photographer Monique Dekker of M-Unique Fotografie, asking whether I’d like to do a photoshoot with her one day. Of course I would!
We agreed to meet up in Utrecht city centre to take some photos.¬†Monique had already picked out a couple of nice locations we could go (places I’d actually never been to before and will definitely keep in mind for future outfit shoots), so everything was quick and smooth. Although I have some little experience before the camera I’m by no means a professional model, but Monique was great at suggesting poses and making me feel comfortable.

All in all it was a really fun experience, and I received the final photos very quickly. Thanks so much Monique, I’d love to shoot with you again!
I’d like to share some of my personal favourites from the shoot with you today ūüôā


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Cherry On Top | Outfit Of The Day

A couple of weeks ago, at the Elf Fantasy Fair, I took cover from the rain in a little vintage clothing stand. I didn’t think much of it at first but as I started looking around, I saw they had some really cute stuff. This cherry dress caught my eye and I fell in love. I tried it on and it didn’t take long for me to decide it had to come home with me! It took a while then before the weather was nice enough for me to wear it, but the day finally came and to be honest, I feel fabulous in this dress.

OOTD 020616 1

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All Black | Outfit Of The Day

This transitioning weather is my favourite. When it’s not cold enough that you have to wear a coat, but still cold enough that you have to wear layers. Not so hot that you can’t wear black any more (dreading the day, by the way), but nice enough to wear a big pair of sunglasses. This is probably the last time I’m wearing my leather pants until autumn comes, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed styling them today. The leather just works so well in an all-black outfit!

ootd060516 3

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Urban Casual Chic | Outfit Of The Day

Simple, mostly black outfits is what it’s all been about for me lately. I’m totally feeling those simplistic vibes, haha! My pinterest has been filled with outfits like this for ages, and I finally feel like I’ve got the style down to a point where I’m very happy with it. It’s casual chic and when you switch out the heels for some flats or even a pair of simple black sneakers it’s very comfortable as well.

Today I’ve styled an outfit around silver. I feel like I wear gold more often but I should offer silver more space, so today’s the day. I wanted to use this little bag that I found at Action and which is actually quite amazing; the back is a plastic sheet that allows you to use a touch screen, so you can use your phone while it’s in the bag. I absolutely love that idea and I’m sure¬†it’ll be perfect for festivals this summer!

OOTD230416 9

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Cherry Blossoms | OOTD

The cherry trees¬†are in bloom! One of my biggest dreams is to visit Japan during cherry blossom season, even though it’s absolutely crammed with tourists at that time. It must be absolutely wonderful to see the gardens of Kyoto when the blossoms are on…

Since¬†a trip to Japan is a dream for the faraway future, I’m very happy I get to enjoy the cherry blossoms anyway, in a park nearby. I thought this would be the perfect occasion to show you my new pink leather jacket, which I absolutely love. The colour is perfect and makes the whole jacket quite understated, in my opinion. It doesn’t scream “I’M A PINK LEATHER JACKET!”, haha! It’s become my standard piece of outer wear since the weather has warmed up, and I always feel good when I wear it.

cherry blossom 2

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