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Sanne’s Delicious Pepper Soup

Last week, my friends and I held our annual Christmas Dungeons & Dragons session. Each year everybody brings food and we have a big feast while playing a D&D session (that’s usually sprinkled with some seasonal events). This year, my friend Sanne brought a bell pepper soup. And guys, I don’t know how to say this, but it just absolutely blew me away. This may just have been the best soup I’ve ever had. It’s absolutely amazing and I couldn’t let this one slip, so I asked her for the recipe and I’m going to share it with you today. The world needs to know about this. So here we go, I present to you: Sanne’s delicious pepper soup!

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Hearty Lentil Stew | Recipe

Oh yes, it’s stew season! One-pot dishes with loads of veggies and lots of flavour are my favourite thing to eat, and when autumn comes around they’re just the perfect thing to warm you up after a long, cold day. I love gathering a bunch of left-over veggies from my fridge, throwing some lentils in, and making a delicious dish out of simple ingredients. Lentils are my favourite food, as you probably know, and I recently realised I’ve only used them in two recipes on my blog. Of course I couldn’t just let that happen, so today I’m sharing my recipe for this hearty, autumnal lentil stew.

Hearty vegan lentil stew

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Grilled Nectarine Bulgur Salad

I love stone fruits. They are my absolute favourite type of fruit, and the highlight of summer in my opinion. I’ll eat so many of them that I’ll be sick and tired of them by autumn and done with them until next year, haha! I haven’t reached that point yet this year, but I am always looking for new, exciting ways to enjoy stone fruit. This super simple salad with grilled nectarine is delicious and the perfect thing to eat when it’s hot out. It’s made up of all soft, light flavours that mix incredibly well. If I explain it weirdly, it’s a caprese salad with nectarine, rocket and bulgur. But perhaps it’s best if you just keep reading and give it a shot 🙂


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