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My New Makeup Setup

Last week, I decided on a whim that I wanted to switch my makeup stash and my stationery and pens. My makeup collection is ever expanding, and since I’ve gotten a few hair tools and products recently, I felt like I was outgrowing my old setup.

So I decided to put my makeup in the drawer set underneath my desk, which I had organised not too long ago. I was able to put all my pens and small notebooks in my old makeup storage drawers, and put all my large notebooks and paperwork in my big shelving unit. This cleared up a lot of space for my makeup and hair products!

Let’s take a look at my new makeup setup, shall we?

Top Drawer: Eyes



The top drawer is all about the eyes. I really wanted to fit one large basket and three smaller ones, but I could only fit one big one and two small ones, or three small ones. So I went with three small ones.
The first one contains all my eyeliners, mascaras, eyelash curlers and eyeshadow bases.

The basket behind that contains all my nude or neutral coloured single eyeshadows, the ones that I use the most.

The last basket contains all my brighter, colourful single eyeshadows.
Next to the baskets is where I keep any smaller palettes; trios and quads.

Second Drawer: Face & Lips



Again, ideally, I would’ve fit three small drawers and one large one, but since that doesn’t fit, my lipsticks live around the edge of the drawer. I don’t have that many lipsticks so it’s ok, and at least now they’re upright.

The basket next to the lipstick holds my glosses, pencils, and any odd-shaped lipbalms.

The next basket holds my powders, blushes and highlighters.

The basket in the back holds my foundations, concealers, loose face powders and huge bronzer.

Third Drawer: Tools


NMO6 The third drawer holds all my larger palettes, makeup wipes, pore strips, and a box filled with nail tools. Hovering over the nail box is a basket that holds small miscellaneous tools like nail scissors, tweezers, sponges and a sharpener.

Fourth Drawer: Tools & Hair



The fourth and last drawer is the least organised one. On top I have two brush holders that hold all the brushes that didn’t make it into my everyday collection.

Underneath is a bag filled with hair accessories, my hair dryer, Tangle Teezer, my hair products, and Sigma brush cleaning glove.

This new setup is taking a bit of getting used to, since these drawers held my desk items for years, but it’s so much more convenient! And it also cleared up a lot of space on the shelves above my desk, which now look a lot cleaner and less cluttered. I love it!


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