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My Top 5 Caffeine Free Teas

You guys know about my love for tea. All you need to do to know that is to look at the site banner, haha! However, as much as I love tea, I do happen to be very sensitive to caffeine. A cup of coffee will keep me hyper for the entire day and even a cup of very strong black tea can make my hands start to shake.

For that reason I only drink green, white and black teas in the morning, and turn to herbal, fruit and rooibos teas for the rest of the day. Today I want to share my five absolute favourites with you!

5. Teekanne Hüttenzauber


My family and I discovered Hüttenzauber (cabin magic) tea in Austria a few years ago, and have been addicted ever since. Every year when we go back, we stock up with boxes and boxes of this tea because we just love it so much. It’s fruity, but warm and spicy at the same time. This is the first tea from the Teekanne zauber line I ever tried, you’re going to see a few more of those on this list…

Apple, hibiscus, rosehip, orange peels, cinnamon, rum-grape-aroma, orange aroma

4. Teekanne Winterzauber


I wish it wasn’t so hard to describe flavours. The Winterzauber (winter magic) tea tastes fruity and spicy as well, but completely different than the Hüttenzauber. It’s a little bit of a fresher warm and spicy flavour, if that makes any sense.

Hibiscus, rosehip, cinnamon, spekulatius aroma, apple, elderberry, cloves, peppermint

3. Alpine Herbs


Many brands sell Alpine herb teas and all of them taste rougly the same in my opinion. Of course the contents can vary but I feel like the flavour always has the same air. Alpine herbal tea is, as the name suggests, made with herbs that grow on meadows in the Alps. It’s a very nostalgic taste to me and I love it! A lot of the herbs also have great healing properties for the body.

Assorted Alpine herbs like lemon balm, thyme, nettle, mint…

2. Teekanne Kaminzauber


My absolute favourite zauber tea from Teekanne is Kaminzauber (fireplace magic), which I believe is a pretty recent addition to the zauber family. I discovered it a year ago on my last trip to Austria and have been absoutely hooked ever since. It’s a (surprise) warm, fruity and spicy flavour, but very different from the other two I featured on this list.

Apple, rosehip, hibiscus, cinnamon, apple aroma, cinnamon aroma, liquorice root, blackberry leaf, orange peels, citric acid, malic acid

1. Atelier Cherubijn Witches Brew


Oh, Witches Brew… I’ve talked about my tea tragedy a few times before as it was unfolding in the past few years. I found this lady and her tea stand at a fantasy fair a few years ago. I had a sniff at her teas and fell head over heels in love with Witches Brew, a tea filled with herbs that help with menstrual issues and are great for women in general. And I don’t just love its effects (it works!), the flavour is absolutely amazing. It tastes like history to me.

I fell even more in love with this tea after I came home from the fair, and decided I needed to stock up. So I went to the next fantasy fair, and the next, and the next… she was nowhere to be found. Through the help of my fellow fantasy fair going viewers I was able to find her website, but it doesn’t seem to have been updated since early 2013 so I’m afraid she’s out of business. I’ve been saving this tea as a special pick me up when I feel really bad and it’s lasted me for many years, but I’m afraid one day I’m going to run out of it no matter what. I think I just need to get my act together one day and email this lady to ask if she still makes the tea and if not, maybe she’d share the recipe with me because I can’t live without this stuff. My god it’s so delicious… My absolute favourite tea ever.

So that’s my top 5 caffeine free teas! I’m always on the lookout for more yummy infusions, so please share your favourite in the comments! 🙂


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5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Caffeine Free Teas”

  1. I love Indian chai, the only thing I missed from home when I travelled abroad. Although you do get a very different version of it in the States, it is nothing like how it tastes in India… We add milk and sugar to our tea and sometimes throw in some cardomom for masala chai and sometimes ginger for adhrak chai, which is really good to relieve cold and cough. I'm a tea fan too, but a different kind 🙂 thank you for sharing… Love trying out new teas… Here we also get rose tea, which has dried rose petals in it and chocolate flavoured tea as well.

  2. Oh, these winter teas by Teekanne are the best! Teekanne has a lot of delicious teas, my favourite at the moment is "Orientalischer Gewürztee" (oriental spice tea), it tastes simply heavenly!
    A very grand tea brand as well is "Meßmer", have you heard of it? I love their "Spanische Fiesta" (with an orange and grape taste) and their "Ägyptische Amun" (with a pomegranate and honey taste).
    And, btw, I kind of share the same tea dilemma with you! I went on vacation to Poland couple of months ago and bought a tea there called "Owocowa minutka" that has a very decent and nice wild berries flavour (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries), aaah I love it but I'm running out of it 🙁

  3. I nearly always drink my tea plain, when I crave something sweet I might add a bit of honey. I have one tea that I like with a splash of milk, but I never add sugar. I'm not too fond of Earl Grey to be honest 🙁 Glad you like the Winterzauber! I agree it's very unique 🙂

  4. Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing your favorite teas! After watching some of your tea vlogs I purchased some Teekane Winterzauber. I love it! I never had a tea like that before. I usually drink green tea. How do you take your tea? Plain? Do you ever drink Earl Grey with a hint of cream and sugar? It's a nice treat. But I prefer my teas plain. Hope you are enjoying your new teapot.

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