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Maybelline Lash Sensational Review

You guys know how much I love Maybelline mascaras. My ultimate favourite that I keep repurchasing over and over again, is the The Falsies Volum’ Express Black Drama, in the hot pink tube with black lace. I’ve been using that for years and have yet to find a mascara that’s better suited for me. Every now and again, I like to try a different mascara just for fun, even though I’m likely to stick to Maybelline as they’re the best in my eyes (can’t beat the brand that invented mascara in the first place!).

Lash Sensational 1

The biggest selling point of the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is the double-curve sillicone wand, with a curve of shorter bristles on one side and a curve of longer, fanned-out bristles on the other side.

I usually don’t see much of a point in these special wands and tend to prefer the regular old simple wand, but I have to admit this one is nice to work with. I use the short bristles to apply mascara to my lower lashes, and the longer bristles to comb through my upper lashes.

Lash Sensational 3

So, lets take a look at the results I got!

Lash Sensational 4

These are my lashes without any mascara.

Lash Sensational 5

And here they are after one layer of mascara. I didn’t curl my lashes.

Lash Sensational 6

And here is my eye with mascara and eyeliner.

Lash Sensational 7

Honestly, I’m not blown away. I feel like this mascara delivers a pretty basic result; decent volume, not much length. It makes my lashes curl up better than some other mascaras I’ve used but the results don’t wow me.

The formula isn’t too wet, which I like since I definitely prefer a drier formula in my mascaras. It dries pretty quickly and doesn’t clump. Maybelline Lash Sensational is buildable and several layers provide a more dramatic effect, although I’d say this is a pretty natural looking mascara.

Lash Sensational 2

All in all, this is a good, everyday mascara. I prefer something more dramatic as I have dark hair and eyebrows, but it would be perfect for someone with lighter colouring who’s looking for volume over length. The mascara didn’t wow me personally as much as the Volum’ Black Drama does, but it delivers the Maybelline standard that I love.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in Black  €15.49
Available in drugstores in the Netherlands.


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5 thoughts on “Maybelline Lash Sensational Review”

  1. The Falsies is my favourite mascara too! I bought the Lash Sensational because it was on sale, and got the same results.

    I like how the Lash Sensational makes my eyes look a little more open and awake – especially in the mornings. I’m thinking of doing a coat or two of this one, then adding the thickness and drama of the Falsies for a doe-eyed yet dramatic look.

  2. I can’t believe how expensive your Maybelline products are in the Netherlands. In America they run for about five bucks, that’s roughly 4.50 in euros. I wonder why there’s such a huge difference.

  3. I have never liked Maybelline mascaras, mostly because of the packaging. My favorite mascaras are by Clinique and the long lash mascara by Helena Rubinstein (Still in the original packaging from years ago, it was the first wand mascara!) Great review 🙂


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