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Veggie Turkish Pizza with Grilled Vegetables

I have a recipe for you that is inspired by the Turkish pizza. However, it’s vegetarian, easier and a little bit healthier than the original. You can whip this up in just minutes and it’s delicious and nutricious. A perfect lunch or light dinner!
I made this for myself and Robbert a while ago as a little experiment and it turned out really good, so I’d like to share it with you today.

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How I Got Through University

By the end of high school,  I was more than ready to leave and move on to bigger, better things. For years I’d been preparing to go to the art academy and study either fine arts or textile, but about a year before graduating I accidentally stumbled upon Celtic studies. My brother was writing a school assignment and for some reason needed a book for that with all studies available in the Netherlands. It was lying on the table and the phrase “Celtic languages & culture” caught my eye. I, being the Fantasy Fair-visiting, history loving romanticist that I was, was immediately intrigued and grabbed the book. It must have been very, very outdated because I gathered that Celtic was a masters degree only for which you first had to study Dutch or history. I kind of forgot about it and went back to working on my portfolio for the admissions to the art academy.

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