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  1. About your hair not growing past hip length, I actually don’t think that is your terminal length, because you never had severe tapering from mid back till hip IMO. When you made that video about giving up on growing your hair longer than hip, I didn’t comment, because I thought it wasn’t my place to do so. It’s your hair, your decision. But if you still really like very long hair, you might try and trim only half your growth whenever you do a trim. So not exactly actively growing your hair out, with always wearing it up and not doing anything damaging to it, but by trimming half your growth every few months, you might see if it gets past a certain length.
    I agree with the fact that you should enjoy your hair and being extremely obsessive about what you do to it and always wearing it up isn’t enjoying it IMO. My own hair is past hip length now and it is harder to manage down than at midback or waist, but what’s the point of having it this long if I’m always hiding it?
    Anyway, sorry for rambling. I’m just saying you could be more strict about how much you cut when you trim your hair, so that it doesn’t surpass your growth rate. I know some people have commented in the past on your ends not being healthy and needing to be cut, but I don’t agree; they never looked that bad in your videos. Everyone has good hair days and bad hair days. Some people are probably too used to seeing styled hair, that they don’t recognize how natural hair really looks like.
    In the end, it’s your hair anyway, so you decide what to do with it. I hope my comment hasn’t offended you in any way.

    1. I did have some pretty bad tapering at the ends, I wouldn’t show it in videos but I’ve really disliked the way my ends look for years 🙁 And whenever I cut my hair I always just even out the ends, I don’t think I could possible cut off any less at a time (well I could now that I have the layers, but I did this for several years). I’m afraid this really is it, I’m placing my bet on any pregnancies I might experience, haha! Who knows what’ll happen then 😛 But thanks for your tips, I appreciate it! 🙂

  2. If you are going to do another Q&A video would it be OK if I posted my questions here in the comments? Thanks, I ♥ you 🙂

    1. I usually ask for questions on social media, but if you see that I’ve done that you can always comment on here and I’ll get to see that as well 🙂

  3. I absoulutly love Q&A’s and I also love your both Loepsie’s Life channel and the Loepsie channel they are both great, could you please do more Q&A’s in the future please and thank you.

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