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Rogues | GRR Martin & G Dozois

Every time I go on summer vacation, I like to bring a really big book, to be sure I don’t finish it and end up with nothing to read before I return. This year I had only brought The Picture of Dorian Grey, which is very short, so I went on a little stroll through the bookstore at the airport. And then I saw this. It was big, it looked fantasy-like, it had G.R.R. Martin written on it in giant letters. I took it.

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OOTD | Simple Festival Look

Recently I’ve taken up a liking for simpler outfits. A minimalistic set can be very flattering and elegant and I’ve found myself really enjoying the challenge of looking good in less ornate pieces.
This is an outfit I put together in London for the Citadel festival that Robbert and I went to. I really like the simplicity of it, and I think it’s still visually interesting nonetheless. Not to mention it’s super comfortable!

OOTD0815 1

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