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What To Do With This Wall?

Ladies, I need your help. If you watch my videos, especially my vlogs, I’m sure you’ve seen this painting in the background many times. It’s my graduation project for art class in high school, the subject is Ophelia entering the river to end her life. It’s been hanging on my wall since it was born and I’ve always liked it a lot, but lately I’ve been feeling like it may be time for something new. Honestly, although I harbour warm feelings toward it, the painting is not that good, it’s super large and very dark in both appearance and theme. I’ve decided that I’d like to take Ophelia to my parents’ house and replace her by something more light and lighthearted.

this wall 1

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Grilled Veggie Lasagna Recipe

It’s recipe time! Last week I made this grilled veggie lasagna which turned out absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t keep the recipe from you guys. I even measured out the ingredients I used this time, haha! Lasagna is one of those incredibly versatile dishes that comes in endless variations, so I thought I’d make one with grilled pepper and courgette. It’s fully vegetarian and if you leave out the cheese and substitute the milk it can easily become vegan.

(Also, how did I manage to make such an incredibly ugly and hard-to-photograph dish AGAIN? I promise it tastes great, haha!)

grilled veggie lasagna 2

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Pink On Pink | Face Of The Day

When I was little (alright, let’s be honest: 14 isn’t THAT little…) I loved pink so much that I would sometimes dress in it head to toe. Literally, everything from my headband through my shirt and jeans to my shoes would be pink. It was a little over the top, but if I’m completely honest, I’m starting to feel it again, guys. I recently got a pink leather jacket and today I ended up pairing it with a pink sweater, pink bag, and rose quartz jewelry… Oops. Please warn me when it goes too far! For now I’m blaming it on spring.

Today’s make up look is all in the spirit of pink on pink. An all-pink eyeshadow look paired with pink lipstick and blush, but since they’re all different shades and tones and I broke it up with a statement eyeliner, I think it looks really nice.

FOTD 260316 3

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