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April Weekend Loves #3

Happy weekend, everybody! I hope you’re all enjoying your day so far. I’m going to be working on my Elfia costume as the event is next week and I’ve only got half a skirt to wear at the moment.
As always I’ve gathered some favourites to share with you today in my Weekend Loves!

This Video

YES YES YEEEEES! This is such a good video. Spot on, everybody should watch it. So go ahead, watch it, and feel good <3

This Concept

A new restaurant/deli opened in my neighbourhood, where they serve Israeli-style hummus as a dish with lots of toppings and pita bread. Robbert and I went there for lunch a few days back and I developed heart eyes. I already love hummus but this is such a fantastic way to enjoy it! I’ll definitely be returning to this place and I’ll be making and enjoying dishes similar to this at home as well. Do you have anything similar to a hummus-exclusive restaurant where you live?

This Playlist

Sometimes you just want to have something on in the background that won’t distract too much. Like neutral pop music. No? Just me? This playlist is perfect for that; you can just have it on in the background and recognise a song every now and then.

This Skirt

I bought this skirt at Stradivarius in Maastricht last week and I wore it for the first time this week. I styled it with my bee cardigan and some pointy flats in a kind of vintage vibe outfit, very different from what the model’s wearing with it but I love it that way. I was very surprised by the store by the way, a new Stradivarius just opened in Utrecht and I definitely want to go there to explore.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Innate Life Natural Hair Products

A few weeks back I received a package from The Innate Life, a Canadian brand of all natural & organic hair care. I used to be super big on natural hair care and exclusively use natural products in my hair, as you may remember if you’ve been following me for a while. A while ago I relaxed a bit and started using conventional products in my hair as well, but natural and organic products still have a special place in my heart and I’ll always value them over non-natural products. So needless to say, I was really excited to give these three products a try. After the first use, I was already blown away. This stuff does amazing things to my hair, so I really want to share it with you, in case you need some serious hair repairing done and are looking for a new product.

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Country Style | OOTD

Ok, ok, I know I’ve already talked about my dungarees on here one too many times. I’m just utterly and completely in love with them and to be fair, I haven’t featured them in any outfit post yet! Today I’m going to set that straight: it’s time for my lovely “garden pants” as they’re called in Dutch, to shine.

So far I’ve worn them mostly with sweaters and I love how comfy and cute they are that way, but with temperatures rising, it’s time for me to explore different ways to wear my dungarees. No matter how urbanly I see people style these, I can’t really shake my association of “garden pants” with the country. For this outfit I decided to just roll with it and jump in head-first 🙂

I love the way these light wash dungarees look with pastels and white, so I decided to pair them with a white, lace detail top. My white lace sneakers are pretty much the only pair of sporty shoes you’ll see me in, and I think they work wonderfully with the casual feel of the dungarees. A beautiful wooden watch and big, floppy straw hat pull the look together. You know I love my hats!

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