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Stress & Anxiety Relief: Painting Videos On YouTube

One thing I always forget and then re-discover, is the painting section on YouTube. I’m so caught up in the beauty and lifestyle scene that it’s all that ever gets recommended to me, but there is so much more wonderful content on YouTube. Every now and then I stumble back upon them, and a while back I started actually subscribing to art channels. Painting tutorials are a type of video I’m very fond of, even though I don’t watch them very frequently. I find videos of artists painting incredibly calming, soothing and inspiring. Watching the painting process, something beautiful being formed out of nothing, is a wonderful thing and I always feel almost honoured that I get to watch something so special. I’ve found that while I find speed painting videos very fascinating and inspiring, long real time painting videos are amazing for stress and anxiety relief.

One of my favourites is Katie Jobling. Her voice is very pleasant to listen to, and the aesthetic of her videos is very quiet, simple and beautiful. I really like her work too, even though it’s not a style I usually gravitate towards.

Agnes Cecile is an artist I’ve been subscribed to for years, and I believe I’ve shared some of her videos on my blog before. She only does speed painting videos and doesn’t post a lot, but her work is SO BEAUTIFUL! Definitely worth a watch.

Lena Dayna is my most recent subscription. She has a much more photorealistic style, which is something that has always puzzled me and I love looking at how it’s done. She also does a series called “Sketchbook Sundays” which I love to watch, as I’m one of those people who barely use their sketchbook for fear of making a mistake and ruining it. I need to see people treat their sketchbooks casually, haha!

So. Fascinating. When you search “painting tutorial” or “painting demo” on YouTube you’ll find a wealth of amazing videos in all styles and of so many different subjects.

Mostly I just want to point you towards this genre of video if you didn’t know it existed yet. You might just find yourself really enjoying it! Do you watch any paitning/art videos? If so, who are your favourite artists? I’d love to find some new ones to watch!

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2 thoughts on “Stress & Anxiety Relief: Painting Videos On YouTube”

  1. I really love Lena Dayna too :). I love watching those videoas, as you said it makes me feel so calm and happy. It inspires me too try to express my creativity, which is something I really need to do more often.

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