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Bath & Body Works Candle Haul

The store I regret not having in the Netherlands the most isn’t Sephora, nor Victoria’s Secret… It’s Bath & Body Works. Yep. Since my first days on YouTube, I’ve always admired the cute scented three-wick candles in pretty much every beauty guru’s background. Elle and Blair Fowler’s Bath & Body Works candle hauls were among my absolute favourite videos ever and I’ve always said if I ever made it to the USA, Bath & Body Works would be the first place I’d head to, to fill up my suitcase with their famour scented candles. A few weeks back, I got an opportunity to shop there from my little home in the Netherlands. A package forwarding company called myMallBox offered to let me try their service and have a package delivered from the USA to the Netherlands. As soon as I read the email I knew what I wanted to do with this opportunity, haha! I’ll tell you more about how the service works later, first let’s take a look at what I bought at Bath & Body Works (still can’t believe I’m saying this. That place is like Narnia to me)!

White Tea & Pear Scented Candle

Fragrance notes: sweet white tea, crisp bartlett pear, sparkling bergamot

Ta-dah! Here it is, my first ever real Bath & Body Works three wick scented candle, in the flesh. I spent literally hours in the webshop, trying to decide which one to get. I went for this one in the end; the White Tea & Pear scent. The description sounded like heaven and I’m happy to report the real-life scent doesn’t disappoint. It’s a super fresh and light springtime scent that’s very pleasant, exactly the way I like my home scents. You have no idea how excited I am to prop this up in the background of my videos, haha!
I love the jar itself as well, with the pretty lid and the cute design on the side. When I burn this up, the jar will definitely be repurposed one way or another.

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My Indoor Plants

Before I start this post, let’s get one thing straight. I don’t have a green thumb. At all. I don’t kill every plant I touch either, I guess I’m somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. If all I need to do is water a plant, I can keep it alive for years. Pretty much the only plants that always die on me are supermarket-bought herbs, but that’s normal, right? I also have this weird refusal to throw out any plant that’s still alive. The fact that it doesn’t bloom anymore is no reason to get rid of a plant!

First off, why do I have plants at all? In my opinion, plants add life to a room, they make a house more homely. They’re pretty and when there are none in a space, I always feel like there’s something missing. Plants complete an interior. They also help purify the air and produce more oxygen for you to breathe.
All of my indoor plants are special to me in some way, so I’d like to share them with you today.


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My Favourite Scented Candles

I have a guilty pleasure. I’m not the only one that loves scented candles, not at all, but I just keep buying more and more and more and at this point I have so many I have no idea where to put them any more. When you stand in the centre of my room and look in a random direction, I can guarantee you you’ll see at least one scented candle. Probably more. Oops. But not all scented candles are created equal, and today I’d like to share my favourites with you!

scented candle 1

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Closet Spring Cleaning Checklist

I don’t know about you guys, but every time spring comes around, I get this natural urge to clean and organize my home. I’ve been tackling areas around the house one by one for a few weeks now, and a few days ago I decided to take on the closet. I managed to get rid of two large plastic bags worth of clothes, and about six handbags (this was very hard, I’m totally a handbag girl), and I was super proud of myself. My closet is all refreshed now and there’s room for a couple of new items, which is always a good thing. Today I thought I’d share a checklist with you that you can use when cleaning out your closet.

kledingkast 6

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What To Do With This Wall?

Ladies, I need your help. If you watch my videos, especially my vlogs, I’m sure you’ve seen this painting in the background many times. It’s my graduation project for art class in high school, the subject is Ophelia entering the river to end her life. It’s been hanging on my wall since it was born and I’ve always liked it a lot, but lately I’ve been feeling like it may be time for something new. Honestly, although I harbour warm feelings toward it, the painting is not that good, it’s super large and very dark in both appearance and theme. I’ve decided that I’d like to take Ophelia to my parents’ house and replace her by something more light and lighthearted.

this wall 1

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