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Organise With Me | Kitchen Cabinets

Since New Year’s, or actually since I put my Christmas decorations away, I’ve been on this organising spree, going through cabinets and drawers and re-organising everything. There’s something about starting a new year in a well organised home that just feels right. Like starting off with a clean slate. To be honest, I like organising in general and now’s as good a time as ever, right?

One of the areas in my house that has been bothering me the most are my kitchen cabinets, especially the one that I use as a pantry. It was overflowing and disorganised and I wasn’t feeling on top of what’s inside there any more.
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Homeware & Accessory Haul

Over the past few weeks I’ve been giving a little bit of extra attention to my interior. I re-arranged my furniture so some organising was due, and once I started I couldn’t stop and I had to organise every nook and cranny of my house. That’s still an ongoing process, but I did acquire some new pieces for my home that I’d like to show you in today’s video. Enjoy!


How To Fold Fitted Sheets

A while ago, I tweeted this:

A bunch of responses came in from desperate readers who have been fighting the fitted sheet monster for ages and hadn’t felled it yet. So I made a promise:

And here I am! I’m going to show you exactly how to fold those annoying sheets with the impossible elastic around them, into a perfectly neat little packet. Let’s go!

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