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Updated Apartment Tour

When I moved into my current apartment, I thought it would be a temporary thing and I’d be out of there in 1,5 years max. It’s been four years now and a thing or two has changed about the interior, so I thought I’d show you around the entire place again! I’m going to take you on a little tour of the living/bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, which I usually share but have to myself at the moment. Enjoy!

My Desk Setup & Organisation

You guys know I’m all about boosting that productivity. Work smarter, not harder is my motto and I’m always hungry for ways to improve the way I work!
Being someone who works from home, my workplace is very important to me. Not only is it the place I sit down to get into my workflow and reach the right state of mind, it’s also right in the middle of my living and bedroom. Oh, the joys of living in a tiny studio… This does make me require the space to be as (multi)functional as possible, while also looking aesthetically pleasing.
Right now I’ve gotten my little office corner to a point where I’m really happy with it and it works well for me, so I thought I’d share it with you today!

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New In | Home Gadgets

I love making life a little bit easier for myself. I’m also easily impressed by clever ideas and smart design. Anything that’s going to help me in everyday life and look pretty in the process, is very welcome to enter my home. I love visiting those stores full of funny little items and gizmos that are super ingenious and cute at the same time, you know the ones I mean? I have a couple sought out in both Utrecht and Amsterdam, and hop by every holiday season to browse for gifts for my friends and family. You’ll always find something nice and fun in those stores.

A while back I got contacted by CoolGift.com, one of those gadget shops I love, but online. They offered to let me browse their store and pick out a few items. I happily accepted and wanted to share what I got with you today! There were some really cool items on the site and I’m happy to report all of these have gotten daily use since they came in. Clicking the title will take you straight to the item in the store!

Plant Genie

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Bath & Body Works Candle Haul

The store I regret not having in the Netherlands the most isn’t Sephora, nor Victoria’s Secret… It’s Bath & Body Works. Yep. Since my first days on YouTube, I’ve always admired the cute scented three-wick candles in pretty much every beauty guru’s background. Elle and Blair Fowler’s Bath & Body Works candle hauls were among my absolute favourite videos ever and I’ve always said if I ever made it to the USA, Bath & Body Works would be the first place I’d head to, to fill up my suitcase with their famour scented candles. A few weeks back, I got an opportunity to shop there from my little home in the Netherlands. A package forwarding company called myMallBox offered to let me try their service and have a package delivered from the USA to the Netherlands. As soon as I read the email I knew what I wanted to do with this opportunity, haha! I’ll tell you more about how the service works later, first let’s take a look at what I bought at Bath & Body Works (still can’t believe I’m saying this. That place is like Narnia to me)!

White Tea & Pear Scented Candle

Fragrance notes: sweet white tea, crisp bartlett pear, sparkling bergamot

Ta-dah! Here it is, my first ever real Bath & Body Works three wick scented candle, in the flesh. I spent literally hours in the webshop, trying to decide which one to get. I went for this one in the end; the White Tea & Pear scent. The description sounded like heaven and I’m happy to report the real-life scent doesn’t disappoint. It’s a super fresh and light springtime scent that’s very pleasant, exactly the way I like my home scents. You have no idea how excited I am to prop this up in the background of my videos, haha!
I love the jar itself as well, with the pretty lid and the cute design on the side. When I burn this up, the jar will definitely be repurposed one way or another.

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