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April Weekend Loves #1

How are you all doing? I’m doing really great, actually. The sunny weather has done me good, I’m on track with my work and things are looking up for me in general. I have a super, mega, incredibly exciting announcement for you tomorrow that I can’t wait to share… It’s going to be the reveal of my secret project!
But first, I have my weekly selection of favourites for you:

These Dungarees

I got these dungarees in Austria a few weeks back, never ever expecting I’d love them as much as I do. I pretty much live in these and have to change before filming videos, so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same thing all the time. I can’t wait to wear them throughout different seasons and find new ways to style them. If you have any dungaree styling tips, I’ll be happy to hear them!

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How To Stop Wasting Time

Procrastination: a concept we all love and hate. As soon as an important task presents itself, we suddenly see a plethora of things around us we could do instead. I sometimes look back on a day with disappointment, when I feel like I’ve worked all day, but barely got anything done. This feeling is a wonderful indicator of having spent most of the day procrastinating and wasting time. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to spend your day in a more productive way and stop wasting time. I’m going to share some of my favourite tips on that with you today!

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New In | Home Gadgets

I love making life a little bit easier for myself. I’m also easily impressed by clever ideas and smart design. Anything that’s going to help me in everyday life and look pretty in the process, is very welcome to enter my home. I love visiting those stores full of funny little items and gizmos that are super ingenious and cute at the same time, you know the ones I mean? I have a couple sought out in both Utrecht and Amsterdam, and hop by every holiday season to browse for gifts for my friends and family. You’ll always find something nice and fun in those stores.

A while back I got contacted by CoolGift.com, one of those gadget shops I love, but online. They offered to let me browse their store and pick out a few items. I happily accepted and wanted to share what I got with you today! There were some really cool items on the site and I’m happy to report all of these have gotten daily use since they came in. Clicking the title will take you straight to the item in the store!

Plant Genie

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March Weekend Loves #2

Happy weekend everybody! How are you doing? The sun is shining brightly over here and I’ll definitely be heading out today.
Over the past week I’ve gathered a bunch of favourite things, videos and links to share with you. Take a look at what I’ve loved!

This Channel

Jenny Mustard is a channel that has been popping up in my recommended videos for a long time, and every now and then I’d click one of them. Lately I’ve found myself clicking on them more and more often and really enjoying them, so I thought it only fair I finally subscribe. I especially like the videos where she’s talking with her husband, like this one. The videos are always packed with good tips and I quite enjoy the simple aesthetic.

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A Moment Of Weakness

It was a lovely sunny day, so I wanted to use the opportunity and take Robbert out to shoot some outfit photos. I had styled an outfit around this new burgundy red faux fur vest that I bought in Austria. When I saw this piece in the store, I instantly fell in love. Burgundy is one of my favourite colours to wear, as I’m sure you know, and I love pretty much everything else about it as well. The length, the cut, the fact that it has no sleeves… When I tried it on at the store and my mom said “you have to get this”, I said “yeah. Robbert’s going to hate it though”. I’ve always been a bit more daring with my outfit choices than your average Dutch girl. Jeans and a shirt is the norm here, wear anything more and people will think you’re arrogant and pretentious. I’m kind of used to giving off a first impression of arrogance and pretentiousness, and I’m generally fine with it as this impression is easily melted away by a bright smile and a cheerful “hello”.

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