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April Weekend Loves #4

Good evening, afternoon, or morning to you! Sorry my weekend loves are up a little bit later than usual, I’ve had a crazy couple of days and have barely been home at all. I’ll let you know everything that’s been going on in my photo diary on Monday, but first I have some videos and a show I want to share with you.

These Amazing People

If you only watch one thing today, let it be this. You will not regret it. I have a soft spot for elderly people, I love listening to their stories and I find them very inspiring. In this video, three people who have lived over a hundred years share their greatest life advice, and it is so good. This really motivates me to actively keep working on a positive attitude, as even though they don’t really realise it, that seems to be what’s really pulling these people through. Well worth a watch.

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How I Manage My Budgeting

As you may or may not know, I live on quite a tight budget. It’s been getting better recently but for a few years, I’ve lived off of a┬ácouple hundred euros per month, and still managed to pay my rent & all my bills and live a decent life. When you look at me, I don’t think people can see how little money I actually have. In fact judging from comments on my YouTube videos, many people think I’m cashing in those YouTube moneyz. Comments like that always make me giggle a bit as they’re so far from the truth, but they make me feel a little proud as well, for apparently I don’t look like I’m struggling financially. Which I’m not. I have little, but I’m not struggling. I actually pride myself on being able to handle money well and stretch a little bit a long way. I don’t tend to feel proud of many things in my life but this is something I see as quite an achievement and a very usefull skill.

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April Weekend Loves #3

Happy weekend, everybody! I hope you’re all enjoying your day so far. I’m going to be working on my Elfia costume as the event is next week and I’ve only got half a skirt to wear at the moment.
As always I’ve gathered some favourites to share with you today in my Weekend Loves!

This Video

YES YES YEEEEES! This is such a good video. Spot on, everybody should watch it. So go ahead, watch it, and feel good <3

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April Weekend Loves #2

Happy Easter weekend! How will you be spending these few days? I’m going over to my parents’ house to enjoy lots of good food ­čÖé In case you’re planning to have a really chilled weekend just like me, I’ve got a wonderful suggestion for you this April Weekend Loves.

This Must-Watch

We started watching a new show this week and guys… I’m HOOKED!
“Taboo” is a brand new show that started airing in January, but it’s finished so you’ll be able to binge watch it. And trust me, you will want to. Taboo is set in 1814 London and is centered around James Delaney, who was presumed dead but returns home from Africa after many years to claim his father’s inheritance. Needless to say, people aren’t happy about it, and he becomes hunted by many different parties. James is an intriguing character veiled in mystery, not your typical “good guy”, but one you’ll sympathise with nonetheless.
This is so good. The lead is expertly played by Tom Hardy, and I personally enjoy playing “spot the Game of Thrones actor” in this one. The camerawork is amazing, as are the costumes,┬ádecors and sceneries. It gets a bit brutal at points, so beware if you have trouble watching violence, but it’s well worth a watch.

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