It's always time for tea

Kitchen Tour

When I moved into my studio a year ago, I promised you I’d do a kitchen tour. I kept postponing it because I felt like the kitchen wasn’t ready yet. Now I’ve come to realise I don’t think it’s ever going to be as perfect as I want it, so today I’m just going to go ahead and show you around.

I like to think my kitchen is pretty organised, so I hope you can  get a tip or two out of this for your own kitchen/pantry/fridge organisation.


My Favourite Healthy Refresher

Spring is in full swing and summer is approaching. It’s slowly but surely getting warmer and suddenly they’re popping up everywhere: soda’s, lemonades, iced teas… Who can resist such sweet, cold, sugary goodness on a hot day?

If only they weren’t so bad for you! Soda is one of the biggest dangers when it comes to weight control and healthy eating. It’s so easy to chug away a bottle of soda and never even think about all the sugar and nasty chemicals you’re pouring into your body. And there’s LOTS.
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The Cozy Mug Tea Box Review

A while ago I received a message from a new company, called The Cozy Mug. They are a monthly subscription service that sends you a box full of tea or coffee samples every month, along with some bonus surprises. They asked me to check out their tea box, to see whether I would like it. This idea is right up my alley so as you can probably guess, I fell in love. Here I am, sharing my experience with you.


First of all, the packaging of the box was adorable. Everything came packed in layers of pink, cream and mint tissue paper, with little sparkly stars inside.


The first thing I found inside were three packets of bagged tea. I got Masala Chai (black), Peach Oolong (oolong)  and Fruit Sangria (herbal) tea. 


Then I found three packets of loose leaf tea (woop! Loose leaf is my favourite!). I got Mango Black Tea, Citron Green Tea, and White Blueberry Tea. Being a blueberry tea lover, I immediately opened the packet of white blueberry tea and the smell that came out was just amazing. I brewed some right away and it tastes just as good as it smells!


Lastly I found my three surprise items. The first one is a delicious chocolate chunk cookie (that didn’t survive for long after this picture was taken… omnomnom). There was also an all natural lipbalm, in a peppermint lemongrass flavour (yes please!!). It melts right onto your lips and tastes delicious.

The very last thing were these funny looking sticks, that turned out to be filled with delicious honey.


Can you imagine receiving this box at work? Best coffee break ever!

The box also contained this little leaflet, with a little introduction and all the brands of the items inside the box, so you can get big sizes of everything you love.


A big thank you to The Cozy Mug for providing me with all this deliciousness! It’s a tea lover’s dream.

If you guys want to get your very own tea or coffee box, check out The Cozy Mug’s website.