It's always time for tea

Kitchen Tour

When I moved into my studio a year ago, I promised you I’d do a kitchen tour. I kept postponing it because I felt like the kitchen wasn’t ready yet. Now I’ve come to realise I don’t think it’s ever going to be as perfect as I want it, so today I’m just going to go ahead and show you around.

I like to think my kitchen is pretty organised, so I hope you can  get a tip or two out of this for your own kitchen/pantry/fridge organisation.


My Favourite Healthy Refresher

Spring is in full swing and summer is approaching. It’s slowly but surely getting warmer and suddenly they’re popping up everywhere: soda’s, lemonades, iced teas… Who can resist such sweet, cold, sugary goodness on a hot day?

If only they weren’t so bad for you! Soda is one of the biggest dangers when it comes to weight control and healthy eating. It’s so easy to chug away a bottle of soda and never even think about all the sugar and nasty chemicals you’re pouring into your body. And there’s LOTS.
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