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DIY Natural Hair Lightener

Oh, dying hair… It’s something women (and men) have been doing since the dawn of men, and I don’t think we’ll ever stop. One of the most popular but also most hair damaging procedures, is going lighter. Luckily, I’ve got a DIY all natural hair lightener recipe for you that you can use to make that summer glow, balayage, or bright highlights happen! This recipe will lighten your hair a few shades at a time with minimal damage, so with time you can go as light as you wish, completely free of nasty chemicals. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “DIY Natural Hair Lightener”

  1. Not to dampen your spirits, but any lightening process is damaging to your hair. It’s still oxidative, even though you use natural ingredients; peroxide is still peroxide, whether it comes from honey or was synthezised in a lab; the difference is in the concentration, I assume. Also, hair dyed with oxidative dyes doesn’t look bad straight after dyeing it most of the times (unless it’s bleached to within an inch of its life). The damage is usually apparent in a few months. I say this because I’ve been dyeing my hair for 10 years. Of course, your hair might not be affected much at all, if indeed the oxidative agent was very diluted and you take good care of your hair, as always, but I’m just mentioning this, because even hair lightening done by exposure to the sun is damaging to a degree.
    I apologize if my comment is rude; my intention is not to offend you. I just wanted to point out that “natural” doesn’t equate to “free of nasty chemicals”. (I’m a biochemist, for the record).

    1. Everything is indeed made up of chemicals, so yes, the concentration is key here. Also the amount of nurturing ingredients vs. the amount of damaging ingredients makes this a lot better than traditional hair dye and minimises the damage (again, vs. traditional hair dye). Of course lightening is never going to be completely damage-free, but I think any type of damage control is welcome in this matter 🙂

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