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Hair History: Ancient Egypt

Ta-daah! I present to you the first episode of my new series: Hair History! Similarly to my last series Makeup History, I’ll be going all throughout history and spilling a bunch of info on the hair customs, fashions and rituals of each era, before doing a hair tutorial inspired by the era.

In episode one I’m going to talk about the Ancient Egyptians. I really hope you enjoy it!


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3 thoughts on “Hair History: Ancient Egypt”

  1. I like your makeup history between ancient Egypt through the 90s. Can you upload the products that you used for each of them so I can get the exact makeup looks?

  2. I’d love to do this hairstyle and make-up as well, but something tells me it would be strange to wear it on a regular day at work, even for me, lol (I actually went dressed in a medieval dress at work once or twice, like on Halloween). I’ll have to find an appropriate occasion.

  3. This is so great! I am really getting into hair styles and mastered a specific hair styel worn by one of Napoleons sisters 🙂


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