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Big Closet Purge

Here’s the deal. I basically have two bedrooms right now: my home in Utrecht, and my childhood bedroom at my parents’ house. My home in Utrecht is very tidy and organised, as you will know, but my room at my parents’ is a mess (as it always has been). Simply too much stuff has accumulated there over 18 years, for me to ever be able to keep it tidy and organised. Not to mention a bunch of that stuff doesn’t even have value or meaning to me.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to embark on a big decluttering mission over there, in an attempt to get rid of a lot of stuff. Robbert and I would like to move in together eventually, and when we do, I won’t be staying in my childhood room three days out of the week anymore. I’d like to clear the space for my parents to use however they see fit. It’s going to take a while for me to go through everything so I decided to just start already. Today I wanted to take you along as I’m tackling my closet. Enjoy!


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One thought on “Big Closet Purge”

  1. I have two bedrooms as well, one in Lisbon where I study and one in my parents’ house in Azores. I tried to organized the second one this Summer. What happens is that I only go to Azores on holidays like Easter or Christmas and I’m like “oh I’ll just keep stuff on my suitcase” but then I need a jacket or a specific top and I go through all my stuff just to find it and end up leaving it all messy after I find what I was looking for. But then, since I only stay for some weeks or days in Azores, I never take the time to organize it calmly. I decided to use this Summer to that, then.

    My t-shirt drawer wouldn’t even close -_- But I threw away so many clothes that were too old, didn’t fit or just weren’t my style anymore. Some I will donate, for others it is just the end of the line. 😛
    I usually make a “You stay” pile, a “Maybe/Need to try it” pile and a “Nope” pile. The first one I divide by categories right away then I sort out the second one and in the end put the stuff back in the drawers or in plastic bags to give away.

    It feels good to clean/organize like this. I hate going to Azores and not knowing where my clothes or other objects are but I never have time to organize it because I have so. many. stuff. that it takes WEEKS to organize everything 🙁

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