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Elizabeth Taylor | Beauty Beacons

In today’s episode of Beauty Beacons, we’re zooming in on Elizabeth Taylor, one of the biggest movie stars of Hollywood’s golden era. With her violet eyes and plethora of husbands, she was quite a memorable figure, and a great beauty indeed. I’m going to show you how to recreate her famous look. Enjoy!


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One thought on “Elizabeth Taylor | Beauty Beacons”

  1. Hello Loepsie:)

    I found this awesome hairstyle on Pinterest and I think it is beyond possible to do this hairstyle but I would love if you would just have a look at it because it really is gorgeous. Just search ‘Renaissance hair (updo with braids)’ on Pinterest. It’s the one with the reddish hair. If you klick on it you have to scroll down a long time but there are a few more references then. Thank you! Also, your tutorials are very good and easy to understand:)

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