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Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is absolutely my makeup idol. She’s a makeup artist to the stars and makes the most amazing and useful YouTube videos. I’ve often said that I’ve learned more from watching her videos than I have during MUA school, and I still stand by it; she’s incredible. She also happens to have a passion for the history of makeup, andĀ some perfectionist personality traits that recently came together in the best makeup book ever. “Face Paint: the story of makeup” is anything but your average beauty book!

facepaint 2

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Ratatouille Roses

When I made these apple roses a while ago, I loved the concept so much that I wanted to do something else with it. Over Christmas, I had a dinner with friends where everybody prepared a course, and I got appointed the appetizer. The perfect opportunity to re-visit the roses! I decided to go with a ratatouille-like dish in a completely new form. This is made of aubergine and courgette for petals, with the pepper and tomato sauce as a base to fill the puff pastry cups.

It’s delicious and looks gorgeous, so let’s go ahead and get started!

Ratatouille Roses 4

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