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Plum | Face Of The Day

You know that whole theory about what eyeshadow colours you should wear with what eye colour? The no. 1 colour that’s supposed to complement brown/hazel eyes, is purple. And I have to admit it does make my eyes pop and look extra brightly brown. I’m personally not that drawn to the colour purple so I’m not very likely to reach for it, but when I do I always like the way it looks on me. I should try to incorporate more purple tones into my eye makeup, I think!

Today I made a look using a deep plum colour. I pulled out my old Sleek Oh So Special palette which I hadn’t used in a while and make this look using mostly colours from that palette.

FOTD300416 1

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Elfia 2016

Elfia was held this weekend! If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll probably have heard of the Elf Fantasy Fair before, a fantasy event/festival that I go to every year. They re-named it to Elfia a few years back (no idea why, haha), but the concept is the very same. It’s a fair where you can see performances, shop for the oddest things you won’t find anywhere else, have delicious street food and mainly look at all the beautiful costumes people wear. So many people put so much effort into their costume every year, it’s amazing to look at.

I’d been wearing the same costume for years on end now, and since my brother put a lot of effort into his costume this year (see photo below), I decided to switch it up a little bit as well and go for this gothic look, to match his a little bit better. Apparently it worked quite well as we had our photo taken by people a couple of times, haha!


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Beetroot Spread

I love making my own food, and I love making it quick, delicious and healthy. One thing that I often tend to buy even though it would be pretty simple to make, is spreads and dips. I’ve been super lazy lately and have even been buying pre-made hummus, even though that’s something I used to always make myself. I’ve been determined to give myself a little nudge (or a big one) though, and start making my own spreads and dips again. They are great to have on bread at lunch, or to dip veggies or crackers in for a healthy snack. So I got on it, and made this absolutely delicious beetroot spread. My mom had bought something similar for Easter and I thought it would be pretty simple to recreate, which it was, and I have to say I think my version tastes even better, haha! So I present to you: delicious feta and beetroot spread!

beetroot spread 2

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness? | Here’s To Happiness

When discussing happiness, a topic that inevitably comes up is money. We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness”, and yet to many people, acquiring as much money as possible is the ultimate goal in life. Acquiring some money, in one way or another, is something every one needs and wants to do. Whether we like it or not, money is a big part of our lives and certainly plays a part in our happiness.

In order to be happy, basic needs have to be met. You need a roof over your head, some clothing to warm your body, and food in order to stay alive, and not having one or multiple of these things will definitely put a big damper on your happiness. As can the threat of losing one or more of these due to a lack of money, since in modern day society money is what you need to acquire housing, clothing and food.

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