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A Week In The Woods | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday my lovely readers! I can’t believe how this week flew by. It was all about the scouting this week, as I went on two summer camps. One with the little beaver scouts and one with the bigger cub scouts. Most of the photos I have are of the kids so I don’t have too many to share and the divisions between days have gotten a bit blurry in both my phone and my memory, so I’ve decided to just share a bunch of photos to show you what it’s been like. Let’s take a look!

Beaver Camp


Our Minecraft-themed beaver camp started on Friday (which you could see in last week’s diary), and the fun lasted until Sunday. We swam…

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Dance Performance & Summer Camp | Loepsie’s Life

Helloooo my lovely readers! As you’re reading this, I’m somewhere in a wood in the dunes, cooking for a bunch of hungry scouts. My second camp of the summer! The camp for my little kids ended yesterday, and I’m super tired already, but as my only task at this camp is to cook I’m sure I’ll be able to relax and gather my strength, haha! Let’s take a look at what my week has been like!



The day before my dance performance I still felt sick, and at this point I was getting nervous. We’d been preparing for this performance for months and months, not to mention this is probably my last dance performance in a long time if not ever. I really wanted to be there! So I took it really easy for one last day and laid down all day. The sun was out so I read Harry Potter in the garden for a bit.

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