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Helloooo my lovely readers! As you’re reading this, I’m somewhere in a wood in the dunes, cooking for a bunch of hungry scouts. My second camp of the summer! The camp for my little kids ended yesterday, and I’m super tired already, but as my only task at this camp is to cook I’m sure I’ll be able to relax and gather my strength, haha! Let’s take a look at what my week has been like!



The day before my dance performance I still felt sick, and at this point I was getting nervous. We’d been preparing for this performance for months and months, not to mention this is probably my last dance performance in a long time if not ever. I really wanted to be there! So I took it really easy for one last day and laid down all day. The sun was out so I read Harry Potter in the garden for a bit.



On Sunday I was still feeling a little weak, but I was determined to go to the theatre. I ended up performing nine times and making it through the day fine, yay! I was super happy I went, the whole day was great and I had lots of fun with the ladies.


Doing the floor bits without any protection took its toll though, look at my knees! Haha! It doesn’t hurt much but man, does this look bad. I’d better not wear shorts for the next couple of weeks… 😉



My family left on Monday for a holiday in Spain. I decided not to join them this year so that I’d be able to take it a bit more easy during summer. I stayed behind to watch the ratties!


Just me and the boys now.


Grocery haul! I got bread, nachos, leek, avocados, sandwich spread, lentils, tomatoes, cherries and hummus.


In the evening I headed over to dance class to watch the recording of the show. We performed three times in the show and hadn’t gotten to see much of the rest of the show yet, so it was really fun to see everything come together.

We stayed a little longer to chat with the instructor and say goodbye for summer.


In fact, we stayed way too long, so I had a really late dinner of lenils, leek and tomato.



Off to Utrecht! I couldn’t go over at all last week since I was sick, so I really had to go take out the garbage, water the plants and pick up some stuff.


While I was there I filmed this tutorial for Jane Eyre inspired hair.


Time to clean up this mess and head out!


Just needed to take a couple of things, you know. I managed to take all of this on my bike, haha!

Robbert came over in the afternoon and we binged some Orange is the new Black.



I spent most of Wednesday filming and editing videos, so that I’d have some content going up on both channels while I’m away at camp. I filmed the student tag for Loepsie NL, amongst others!


In the afternoon we had the final meeting at scouting to prepare for the beaver scout camp that was starting on Friday.


Some rattie cuddle & play time before bed!



Last chance to do some editing! I filmed one more video as well.


I had another go at aquafaba chocolate mousse, to bring to D&D tonight. I finally got the mousse to the right consistency, but this time I messed up the chocolate. I’m so horrible with desserts! I ended up bringing some fresh fruit instead.


We gathered at my friend’s house in Gouda for our final traditional D&D session. The DM is moving to Ireland soon and we’ll be digitalising one campaign and starting a new one as well, so this was one of the final sessions of my first ever D&D campaign. I was really sad but we decided to continue this campaign whenever he comes over to the Netherlands, so it’s not over for good.


We wanted to make the “last” session special, and there’s something we’d been talking about for a long time… You know how when you’re a kid, it’s your biggest dream to eat desserts only? And when your parents say no, you tell them you’ll do it anyway when you’re of age? And then you come of age and you completely lose the desire to eat only desserts so you never end up doing it? Well, we decided to honour our past selves for this one time and have only desserts for dinner. An array of desserts was brought out and it was amazing. My friend is an amazing baker and she made the most delicious scones, pancakes, profiteroles, tiramisu, and carrot cake. We had lots of fresh fruit and a cheese platter to save us, and wow guys. It was bliss. Although I think doing this once was quite enough, haha!



D-day! The start of my last beaver camp. I started the day off right with this ridiculously disappointing avocado, haha!


We always have a theme to our camps, and this year we noticed throughout the year that the kids talk about Minecraft all-the-time. All the time. So we thought what better theme to pick than Minecraft? Steve came over to ask our help with finding and defeating the Ender dragon. The kids LOVED it! You should’ve seen their little faces when they saw Steve among all those blocks and saw their favourite game come to life, it was precious. They eagerly gathered everything he needed for him throughout the camp.


Gotta have a fire and roast marshmallows, of course!

The camp was a great success, I have to say. You’ll see the rest of it in next week’s photo diary, have a good one guys!


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