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Silver Play Button!

I received a silver play button last week! For those of you who don’t know, the silver play button is an award that YouTube gives to creators who surpass 100.000 subscibers. And strange as it sounds, that is something I’ve done. In fact, I have over 140.000 subscribers by now (it takes them a while to make the button, haha)! I’m still baffled by how this could ever happen and that so many people would be willing to hit the red button and get my videos in their feed.

I let the moment I hit 100.000 subscribers go by relatively quietly, only mentioning it in a tweet or two. You may think this really weird, but for a while I felt like I don’t actually deserve the play button award, because I don’t get nearly as many views on my videos as some YouTubers do who have way fewer subscribers. I’ve always been a little confused by the 130.000 people that subscribed to my channel one day and then never clicked on a video again, haha! I think the subscribers that are actually active on my channel are closer to 5.000-10.000, which shows on my social media accounts as well. But then I thought HEY, who cares? I’ve been making videos since 2008, and there’s absolutely no reason why I should be embarrassed by the beautiful silver rectangle on my wall.

After all, I have the best set of viewers in the world. I actually believe that. I’ve never come across a channel where the comments were as nice, friendly and warm as they are on mine. Not only towards me, in fact what I love the most is when you guys talk to each other in the comments, answering questions and giving advice. When I make my videos I feel like I’m talking to a group of friends, and when I read the comments, it still feels like that. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for that.

When I look at my play button now (which happens a lot, as it’s front-and-center on my gallery wall), I think not of the mysterious busloads of people that subscribe and then lose interest. I think of you. The ladies whose names I know, whose photos I recognise from the comments and Twitter and Instagram. The ladies who come up to me and say hi at fantasy festivals and concerts. The ladies who went through the trouble of coming to see me at the meetups I’ve held. The amazingly talented ladies who’ve made artwork of me (still can’t believe that actually happens. wow.), and the ladies whose lives I’ve been able to impact in even the littlest way. All the photos I’ve received of your beautiful heads of hair, styled after my tutorials. All the messages and letters I’ve received that have brought tears to my eyes. Your constructive criticism and your words of encouragement. Thank you for everything.

Wow, I just realised this post came out as some kind of odd thank you speech, hahaha! Oh well, that’s what you do when you receive an award, right? 🙂
No matter what it actually means, to me, the silver play button is from you, for you, and about you. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to many years to come!


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12 thoughts on “Silver Play Button!”

  1. I’m not very active on social media, I don’t post comments often, but I’ve been following you since 2011 and I’ve watched all your videos, even the ones in Dutch, haha. You deserve the award and I’m happy for you!

  2. Congratulations, Lucy! The award is so well-deserved. Some of the channels with high numbers of subscribers and views are merely about selling things, selling a ‘lifestyle’ and projecting something that’s quite unreal & unattainable, and they can make people feel bad about themselves and dissatisfied. I feel that your channel is about being yourself; exploring who you are; looking at what makes you happy, what you find difficult, what interests you – about learning to live your life as wholeheartedly and genuinely as you can, and how that is a journey to be negotiated with ups & downs. What a beautiful thing to share. Your channel and your blog leave me feeling happy and inspired. Thank you. Claire x

  3. Great speech, even if it wasn’t on purpose! 🙂

    Don’t think for a minute, that you don’t deserve it! When I take a look at your recent videos (from the last 2 months), I see several with higher than 20K views! And that’s a lot! I am very happy that you finally get the recognition you deserve. I am rooting for you to be able to live off just from YouTube on the long run, because I know how much you love doing this, and how many of us love watching you!

    Congratulations and thank you! 🙂

  4. Congratulations! In such a content saturated world, it’s rarer than you might think to even connect with 5~10k people. Numbers aside, just being able to provide something for even a handful of people, to be able to do that kind of service is a really good, awesome thing.

    And (for me) to have someone to follow who consistently makes interesting, well-researched and thought-out videos is perhaps even rarer!

    Many thanks for your presence online & many more years to come!

  5. ive been following you for years now, and i am looling forward to every video since 2010 but i am not active in social media.
    maybe i am not the only one 🙂

  6. Congratulations! It is very well deserved =) Don’t doubt yourself on that. I liked your thank you speech. In my mind I saw you walking up a stage receiving an oscar in a gown and tearfully saying those words ha ha..

  7. Congratulations! You deserve this. And even if only “a few” of your subscribers are active in the comments and on social media, try to picture that crowd – all these people wouldn’t fit into a room but in a village. 🙂 I suppose the play button gets a place of honour in your next home. 😀

  8. So they gave you this one for quantity. If they were giving play buttons for quality, you should get a diamond or a platinum one, or whatever is the best! For the honesty, for being real and staying close to the viewers. Not to mention that much of your content is highly unique. I love all the Sunday series!

  9. Oh man, you’re SO cute and kind and adorable! And intelligent! Congratulations on your well deserved Silver Button, I’m so happy for you!


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