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The Past Two Weeks | Loepsie’s Life

Monday greetings to you, my lovely readers! There wasn’t a diary last week, as I was gone on “Wie Is De Mol” camp and then too tired to function, haha πŸ™‚ More on that later, but, you’re getting two weeks in one this time. Let’s take a look at everything I’ve been up to!

They’re busy times at Loepsie still! Lots of work to be done and lots of fun, non-work things to fill up the time inbetween. I started the week by filming a bunch of videos, including this Rose from Titanic Beauty Beacons of Fiction video.

A small grocery haul this week, as I was going to be away from home a lot this week. I got some nachos, pombΓ€r crisps (LOVE these), oats, soy milk, strawberries, pickled jalapenos, spicy hummus, peppers, black beans, tomatoes, oreos, nakd bars and frozen berries.

In the afternoon, I had an appointment at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, to talk about making Loepsie a proper business. There are several pros and cons to being a businessowner and I think the pros are now starting to outweigh the cons, so I decided to go ahead and talk to them.

The guy at the Chamber of Commerce told me I should’ve registered long ago as it’s a huge advantage for me financially. So I did it! Loepsie is now officially a business! πŸ˜€ Now there’s a load of legal stuff I need to familiarise myself with and figure out to make sure I do everything by the book. It’s a big step and I’m really excited about it, even though it does also terrify me a bit.

June 1st was Robbert’s and my 6 year anniversary. I can’t believe how time flies! We were supposed to go on a day out somewhere to celebrate, but as every year, preparations for the four-day Wie Is De Mol game at scouting took over our lives completely and we spent all day finalising things for it.

I did however want to at least take a little moment to celebrate, so we headed to the store in the evening, bought ourselves a load of delicious food, made a salad and cycled overΒ to Amelisweerd to enjoy a picknick.

The weather was lovely and we stuck around until the sun went down and it got a bit chilly.

Next day, Wie Is De Mol kicked off! In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept: Wie Is De Mol is a TV show where a group of people head abroad to play a bunch of games for prize money. The goal is to make as much money as possible which the winner of the game will eventually win, but one person in the group, the mole, tries to sabotage everything and make sure they make as little money as possible. The rest of the group need to try to find out who the mole is. After every couple of games the contestants do a test to determine who’s closest to uncovering the mole. The person who does worst on the test is eliminated, until only two contestants and the mole are left standing. The person who discovers the mole and/or does the best on his final test wins the money.

We’ve been playing this game at scouting for a few years, and it gets larger and larger every year. By now it has developed into a full-fletched, super intense four day camp which, as you can probably imagine, requires an insane amount of preparation. Games need to be developed, documents need to be made, fit locations sought out… Everything’s custom made and developed by us every year. My task during the camp itself is to film everything and edit together a video in a similar format as the TV show, so we can all have an after party together and enjoy the episodes.

We spent one day in Delft this year, which was the secret location I visited for “things” a few weeks back, remember? πŸ™‚

The rest of the camp was at and around the scouting building. We had absolutely lovely weather so we decided to have a barbecue halfway through the camp.

Here’s a photo from the finale. Look at me running to try and get a good shot of the guy crossing the water, hahaha!

The camp was wonderful, but super exhausting. I went back home to Utrecht on Tuesday but I was so tired, I ended up napping for a few hours and just doing some chores around the house for the rest of it. Couldn’t bring myself to do anything more than that.

I did get some groceries however! I got bread, cornflakes, crisps, peppers, broccoli, carrots, pickled jalapeno (yes, again. I forgot I’d gotten a jar last week), sweet potato and strawberries.

I got myself a new backpack, for the Wie Is De Mol camp on the one hand, but mostly because we’re going on summer camp to Schotland this summer. We’re going to hike down part of the West Highland way and I’m super excited, but I don’t yet own a lot of the equipment I need so I thougt I’d start buying things now and spread the costs. I am absolutely over the moon with this backpack, I keep discovering new things it does and pockets it has and I couldn’t have chosen a better one. Once I’ve used it on the trek and can confirm that it’s comfortable to carry on long distances, I’ll probably write a review about it.

We had D&D in the evening, and when my friend came she made a remark about the disastrous state of my under-eye bags, hahaha! I requested we shorten the session so Robbert and I could head to bed nice and early and recover πŸ™‚

Next day I slowly eased myself into work by answering a load of emails and planning out my editorial calendar for the coming month. Robbert and I also spent some time looking for houses, which was unsuccessful as ever. Desperation is coming for me, I tell you! I made a simple Morroccan spiced dish for dinner.

On Thursday, Robbert left and I was finally able to get some filming done. I filmed and edited two videos and that took up most of my day.

I miscalculated my food planning (not surprising, with a fried brain) so I was left with an entire broccoli at the end of the week. I decided to steam it and eat the whole thing for lunch with some salt, pepper and crispy onions. It was surprisingly good.

On Saturday I took my mom to the LINDA. festival! Linda de Mol is a very popular media personality over here and my mom loves her magazine. Last year she started organising these festivals. I was supposed to go to the festival with my mom last year but it was on the same date as Wie Is De Mol camp so I couldn’t go. I made up for it this year and it was so much fun!

We had a great time, really recommend this festival if you like the LINDA. outlets! It was hilariously female-oriented. All the staff were ridiculously handsome young men, you could get all kinds of beauty treatments (we got our hair & nails done & a massage), there were shows from famous artists, workshops… A great day!

I went over to Robbert’s family in the evening, and went back to my parents’ on Sunday. It was a nice and sunny day so I made us a very fruity drink, haha!

To finish off this week, I wanted to show you this thing Llewelyn’s started doing. He’ll first put a pile of food in the hammock, then he’ll stand next to it and enjoy his pile of food like he’s standing at a bar, hahaha! It’s hilarious and really cute πŸ™‚

I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend, see you soon!

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