It's always time for tea

Relationship Q&A With Robbert | Tea Time

Go make yourself a cup of your favourite tea, coffee or hot chocolate… It’s tea time! Today I’ve invited Robbert to come answer questions you guys sent in about our relationship. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Relationship Q&A With Robbert | Tea Time”

  1. Great video! So fun to watch. You had me smiling the whole time 🙂 Robbert’s English is so good! That is awesome! My husband & I are high school sweethearts too, and have been together for 23 years, married in 2004, had our son in 2010. It’s so fun to hear about other high school sweethearts! I laughed so hard at the part about doing gross stuff in front of each other. Haha! So funny!! My husband & I are definitely gross in front of each other. We have a good sense of humor about it. Once he’s seen me in labor & me having my son, there’s nothing he hasn’t seen, smelled, or heard haha! 🙂

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