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For Whom Do We Wear Makeup?

It’s time for some brain picking and opinion sharing. Today I want to tackle the issue of wearing makeup, and mainly the reasons why we do it.

The first thing you probably want to say right now is “Me! I wear makeup for me!”. I personally can’t agree with that straight away, without arguments. When I’m alone, I don’t wear makeup. I wear it when I go out the door because it sends a message that I’m clean and put together, “made an effort”. I really can’t say I wear my everyday, natural looking makeup just for me.

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Introducing Blackout Night: Technology Detox

A while back, there was a power outage at my parents’. I wasn’t prepared for it so I hadn’t charged my phone or laptop. What I really wasn’t prepared for though, were my own feelings about the loss of electricity. I was expecting to feel less comfortable without warm water, television, and internet. I was not expecting the mild panic that hit me as the power went out.

It hit me just how much my life is controlled by electricity. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an amazing thing to have and I love the comforts it offers me. It was just a really big slap in the face to realise I felt lost for a moment, wandering around not knowing what to do. I have been playing with a certain thought for a while, and this realisation has driven me to actually give it a go. I’m going to introduce blackout night into my life.

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A Message For Real Women

I feel attacked by pop culture. Bombarded with slurs ranging from “stick figure” to downright “f*** the skinny b****es”. Not that I take the opinions of Nicki Minaj or Meghan Trainor to heart much, but they’re undeniably influential figures and there are definitely people who do. I do, however, take some other people’s opinions to heart. People on my Facebook timeline, for example.

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