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Wash Your Hair Less! | How To Get Away With It

People have started to wash their hair less often over the past few years. It’s becoming more and more socially acceptable to admit to not washing your hair every single day, which is a great development. Washing your hair less often will result in healthier hair, a healthier scalp, and less oil production. Many people’s hair also looks a lot better after it hasn’t been washed for a couple of daysl it has more texture, volume, and just “sits” better in general.

I have a four day cycle that I like to use in order to last four days without washing my hair, while still having it look good every day. Today I’d like to share my tips with you, so you can break out of your washing patterns and stretch the days between washes!

Day 1
Wash and condition as normal. If you’re into styling your hair with heat, this is the time to do it. If you curl your hair, the curls should last for the full four days, so you won’t have to use heat on your hair every day.
You can use styling products if you like, they actually help keep your hair grease-free longer, but do consider that you’ll have the product on your hair for four days. It’s a personal choice, I like to go product-free on day 1 to enjoy that clean feeling a little longer.

Day 2
This is when my hair starts getting a little bit greasy, and I like to start battling that with products. My weapon of choice for day two is volume mousse & hairspray, which I can use to scrunch life back into yesterday’s curls and which is drying enough to remove any greasiness near my scalp. The alcohol in the styling products takes care of that!
If your hair is visibly greasy already, feel free to spot-treat with some dry shampoo.

Day 3
Dry shampoo time, for sure. I concentrate it wherever I need it most, which is around my temples, near my forehead, and on my crown. Allow it to sit and soak in the oils for 5 minutes before brushing it out. Then I take a look at whether my hair still looks acceptable down, and if not, I’ll wear it up in a bun or loose (half) updo.

Day 4
On day 4 there’s no way I can wear my hair down, so I wear it up in some type of sleek hairstyle, like a tight, low bun, a high ponytail or Dutch braids. I don’t like to add another layer of product so by day four I just ride it out and look forward to washing my hair at night.

There are more tips in the video so make sure to watch that if you want to give this a go yourself. Good luck!


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3 thoughts on “Wash Your Hair Less! | How To Get Away With It”

  1. great tips! I tend to do the same as well. It helps when you go to bed with your hair tied up in a loose braid or bun. I feel like it helps keep my hair cleaner overnight. I love doing braids on dirty hair. It always holds better and gives great texture. By the fourth or fifth day, my braids can be super chunky and thick! The only downside is that greasy hair weighs down the hair so that there’s a lack of volume.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. Love the tips!! For a while now I’ve done the whole “No-poo” thing where you wash your hair with something other than shampoo. I’ve been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar and I find that I can go so much longer not washing my hair! It definitely looks better a few days after it’s washed and I can usually go a week without washing! It saves so much time 🙂

    Katie // http://www.zzandh.com

  3. Love this! I used to wash my hair every day but it feels so much better only washing once a week. My hairs in much better condition


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