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All Black | Outfit Of The Day

This transitioning weather is my favourite. When it’s not cold enough that you have to wear a coat, but still cold enough that you have to wear layers. Not so hot that you can’t wear black any more (dreading the day, by the way), but nice enough to wear a big pair of sunglasses. This is probably the last time I’m wearing my leather pants until autumn comes, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed styling them today. The leather just works so well in an all-black outfit!

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What I’m Wearing

Blazer H&M
Tanktop Primark
Leather pants H&M
Shoes Van Haren
Bag H&M
Sunglasses Primark


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6 thoughts on “All Black | Outfit Of The Day”

  1. I love love this outfit – i personally will stay away from the leather pants now thats it summer. i love your hair especially in these pictures – can you do a hairstyle for it.

  2. As someone who has never been very good at makeup or fancy hair, I wanted to say thank you for making videos that are so non-judgemental and don’t assume too much prior knowledge. You do a good job of making this seem like recreation, not a mandatory thing for women. So again, thank you!

  3. Total black look is my favourite and it looks really good on you.In my opinion there is something so empowering about black.The round sunglasses suits you,too 😉

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