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Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream Bittersweet

Along with their blushes, the Matte Me lip creams are the most popular items from makeup brand Sleek. And I can see why! They present an affordable alternative (and even a dupe or two) to their pricier counterparts, while offering a good quality and beautiful, on-trend colours. During my trip to Ireland the Sleek Matte Me lip cream caught my attention, and I decided to bring one home in the colour Bittersweet.

sleek matte me lip cream 3

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Sushi Bowl | Vegan Recipe

Sushi is one of my favourite things to eat, especially when I go out. I love ordering a bunch of different kinds and getting all the different flavours. Raw fish isn’t really my thing though, so I always go for the vegetarian options, of which luckily there are plenty. I also love making my own sushi at home, but everybody who’s ever done it will know making sushi takes so-much-time! Therefore, today I’m bringing all you fellow lazy sushi lovers an alternative: a delicious, vegan sushi bowl. All the perks of sushi, but way less hassle!

Sushi bowl 1

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Storm Alert | Loepsie’s Life

Greetings to you on this lovely Monday! Or well, semi-lovely. It’s officially summer now but you wouldn’t be able to tell from looking out the window here, haha! This past week was a very normal one for me, I worked from home and saw some of my friends. Let’s take a look!



It was raining this morning so at scouting we decided to stay in with the kids and play indoors. We made an obstacle course for them which kept them busy for quite a while, haha! This was my second-to-last day at the scouting, I’ve decided to stop being a leader after summer break so it’ll be time to say goodbye soon.

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