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Good morning my lovely readers! So far, spring has been an absolute treat here in the Netherlands. I know I keep talking about the weather every week but 1) the weather affects my mood a lot and 2) it’s what the Dutch do. We talk about the weather. So, luckily, this week it has been perfect again. Not too temptingly sunny on workdays so I was able to get everything done, but amazing on the weekend. I’m going to take you along today on a recap of my week, which includes an Ed Sheeran concert, a lot of hair stuff, and a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam.

On Monday, after I came home from Robbert’s, I typed up my photo diary and then headed over to my friend’s house for some tea and chatting. Whenever we meet up we always end up talking for hours, so when I noticed how the time had flown by I had to rush home and eat dinner quickly, in time for dance class. Afterwards I didn’t go to Utrecht but returned to my parents’ house, where I’d spend one more day.

Doing what? Well, cuddling with the ratties, for one. And working as well, of course 🙂

I stayed at my parents because that night, my mom and I were going to see Ed Sheeran in Amsterdam. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for a concert! I’ve never been in the Ziggo Dome concert hall before, and strangely enough, I felt a fear of heights here for the first time in my life. We had balcony seats on the highest level, and as we walked out into the hall, I was really taken aback by how high up and especially STEEP the balcony was. The hall is quite small and square, they have to fit many people into a small space, so the balconies are super steep. You can kind of tell from the picture. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting that, and for some reason it shocked me, haha! I was quite alright as we sat down though, and we had pretty good seats at the bottom of the balcony. I didn’t really know what seats I’d gotten as I’d just frantically bought the first available seats when the sale started. The concert sold out immediately so I just wanted to grab whatever I could get hold of, haha! We got lucky 🙂

The concert was AMAZING! It’s admirable how he can get a crowd hyped up with just himself, a guitar and a loop pedal. It was really cool to watch him “build” a song from nothing at the beginning of every song. He’s just really good, haha! I had a great time and I enjoyed it immensely. Would definitely like to see one of Ed’s concerts again, if I ever get the chance.

Next morning I was super tired. I don’t deal with large crowds very well and the excitement of the whole thing was a bit too much I’m afraid, so I took it nice and slow. I did the groceries, cleaned the house for a bit, and filmed a Tea Time video. In the evening my friends came over for Dungeons & Dragons.

Next day I tried out the Colorista 1 day colour sprays. I love the way it looks from the front like this but it looked terrible from the back (you can see a photo of that in my review post), so when I had to pick up a package at the post office I decided to braid my hair into fishtail braids.

I didn’t notice I’d gotten some spray on the floor but it makes sense I would, it goes everywhere when you spray. I only noticed when I happened to look at the bottom of my slipper which had gone purple, haha! By the way, please ignore how gross the slipper looks in general. They looked like this about two days after I bought them, but now they only have hard-sole ones at Primark and I like my soft-sole slippers so I keep wearing these gross ones. #life.

I didn’t feel all too good this day (I think I was just exhausted and stressed), so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. After I’d edited and uploaded the video I called it a day and watched a few episodes of the Magicians before heading to bed early.

Next morning I had to step it up a bit and be a little more productive than I had been the days before. I filmed a hair tutorial in the morning, and then had a lunch of whatever I could find around the house. It ended up being spicy tomato soup, bell pepper with hummus, and crackers with veggie butter, sandwich spread and peanut butter.

I took my hair down before leaving, to get rid of the Cinderella-look the bun gave me, haha!

They’ve been re-building the mall next to Utrecht central station for a few years now, and the first new section opened this week. Oh my god it looks AMAZING! Really modern and gorgeous, lots of glass, some fountains, two levels of stores… It makes my materialistic heart beat a little faster, haha! Can’t wait to see how the whole thing looks when it’s revealed.

I headed over to Amsterdam for a boat tour around the canals with my network and a bunch of YouTubers.

Even though I’m nowhere near ready to love this city yet, I do have to admit it’s beautiful. From the water, where there are no people 😉

Afterwards I went over to my parents’ house, where I spent most of Saturday as well, reading in the sunshine in the garden.

And walking the ratties, of course. Llewelyn’s feet seem to be doing well, the redness has almost completely gone down on one foot and the other one seems less swollen. He’s a happy little fellow, in any case!

On Sunday I started working on a new costume for Elfia. I can’t believe it’s coming up in two weeks! Really time to get cracking. I’m trying to build something around the wings my parents got me for Christmas. I’m going to be using a bodice I already have so I’ll only need to make a skirt and some accessories, which is good as tops are the hardest to make and I’m really not a skilled seamstress. I’m nowhere near finished yet but at least I made a start!

This week I’m hoping to get ahead with work again a bit, as I have some very busy weeks coming up. I’m also going to be spending a day in Maastricht with my friend, to celebrate our birthdays!
Have a great week everybody!

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  1. You look sooooooo beautiful (especially) with those curls! And Ed Sheeran concert must have been super nice.. Not my absolute cup of tea, but I’m discovering him lately and he’s indeed a talented and interesting artist 🙂

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