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Hairstyles With Bangs | Cute & Simple

Many people think that once you get bangs, you sabotage all your options when it comes to hair styling. The opposite is true! There’s so much you can do with bangs, and I even think they add a lot of extra visual interest to the simplest hairstyles. I’m sharing three super quick & simple hairstyles with bangs today, which I think are totally to the bang wearer’s advantage.

The Top Knot


This has pretty much become my go-to hair style since getting bangs (besides wearing my hair down, of course). A simple, fluffy top knot looks so much more interesting with bangs! And it’s so quick and easy: just tie your hair into a high ponytail, messily backcomb the ponytail for extra volume, gently twist it into a bun and secure it with a couple of bobby pins. Ta-dah! Takes less than five minutes, and looks super cute.

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Grilled Nectarine Bulgur Salad

I love stone fruits. They are my absolute favourite type of fruit, and the highlight of summer in my opinion. I’ll eat so many of them that I’ll be sick and tired of them by autumn and done with them until next year, haha! I haven’t reached that point yet this year, but I am always looking for new, exciting ways to enjoy stone fruit. This super simple salad with grilled nectarine is delicious and the perfect thing to eat when it’s hot out. It’s made up of all soft, light flavours that mix incredibly well. If I explain it weirdly, it’s a caprese salad with nectarine, rocket and bulgur. But perhaps it’s best if you just keep reading and give it a shot 🙂


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Halloween Came Early | Loepsie’s Life

Hello my lovely readers!

I hope you’re having a great day so far. It’s time to dive into my phone’s camera and look back at what my week has been like. I got to do some very exciting things this week!


I spent most of Monday at Robbert’s, doing my administrative work, then I went home to my parents and did some more administrative work. What a day! 🙂
In the evening I packed up my jazz shoes and headed to dance class. I’m so happy it’s started again, I’m really enjoying dancing and I missed it over summer.

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Cutting My Bangs

I did it!

Thank you so much for your encouragements (and sound counter arguments) on my potential bangs in my hair journey video and bang inspiration post. I was more than ready for a change and in fact, couldn’t wait to cut my bangs at all. I ended up doing it just two hours after I published the inspiration post, heheh…

Anyways, of course I had to film the entire process. The video isn’t a bang-cutting tutorial (although you could use it as one), I was way too nervous to produce anything structured and comprehensible at this point. It’s really more of a “watch me freak out for 9 minutes as I cut my own hair” video, haha!

I feel no regrets whatsoever. I love the results, and although I’m finding the bangs a little harder to handle (morning bangs, anybody?) a few days later, I still really, really like them. Oh, AND! I went to buy some wine this week and I DIDN’T GET ID’ed! Hahaha 🙂