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The Lion King | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday my lovely readers, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’m not celebrating it today, but it’s a special day nonetheless as we’re playing a good old fashioned real-life D&D session (alright then, we might just throw a little Samhain theme in there. Most of us are ex-Celtic students after all!). That’s material for next week though, let’s take a look what last week was like first!



As always, I spent Monday doing my administrative tasks, planning and editing. After dance class in the evening I got home to see they’ve put up the decorative lights in my neighbourhood! They always put them up super early and I love it, the lights make early sunsets a little more fun.

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Lady Pirate | Halloween Pictorial

Arrr, mateys!
I have one final Halloween makeup tutorial for you this year, and it’s another take on a pirate… Very different from the drowned Flying Dutchman one though!
The look is meant for a ravishing lady-pirate, with a creepy twist. Always a creepy twist. Of course the real fun in this look is wearing an eye patch, which you can then lift to reveal… a slashed, damaged eye.


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Beauty Trends I’m All For

Trends come and go, and I feel like few change as quickly as trends in the beauty scene. Some apparent trends turn out to be just short fads, while others are here to stay for years. Of course I cannot help shaking my head and wishing some trends away ASAP, but with others, I get all giddy with excitement at seeing them come into fashion. After giving my two cents on beauty trends I’ve decided to skip, today I thought I’d give things a more positive spin and share some beauty trends with you that I’m all for.

Super dark lipstick


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