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Lady Pirate | Halloween Pictorial

Arrr, mateys!
I have one final Halloween makeup tutorial for you this year, and it’s another take on a pirate… Very different from the drowned Flying Dutchman one though!
The look is meant for a ravishing lady-pirate, with a creepy twist. Always a creepy twist. Of course the real fun in this look is wearing an eye patch, which you can then lift to reveal… a slashed, damaged eye.



You can start by applying a base of foundation and concealer if you like, but feel free to skip this step if you’re going for less ravishing and more creepy.


As we all know, pirates lined their eyes with kohl to protect them from the sun and reflections on the water. So we’re going to apply a tick line around both eyes, top, bottom and waterline.


To make it look like the liner’s been there for a while, take a dense brush and messily smudge it out.


Eyeliner tends to transfer after a while, so we’re going to replicate that look by smudging a little liner in the centre of the crease.


Bronzer time! Being out on the water for long periods will bake your skin up pretty intensely, so we’re going to use some bronzer.


Apply it on all the points of your face that tend to burn the quickest: top of the forehead, top and sides of nose, chin, cheekbones… Be sure to apply lots.


Next we need to get rid of that clean look we’ve got going on. Take a stippling sponge, fluffy brush or just your fingers, dip the tool into some brown eyeshadow, and create smudges on random parts of your face.


Don’t forget your neck and other exposed areas of skin!


Alright, now for the fun part. I’m going to use some rigid collodion to create a scar. Rigid collodion is a liquid that contracts the skin when it dries, making it dent and look like a scar.


Apply several layers of this in a diagonal across the eye, making sure to avoid your actual eye and the area around it. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next one. Keep layering until the scar reaches the desirable depth.


We’re going to give this a little colour, so take a fluffy brush and some pink eyeshadow.


Apply pink eyeshadow onto and directly around the scar, to make the skin look a little more irritated and the scar a little more fresh.


Now take a small liner brush and a mix of brown and purple eyeshadow.


Use this to fill in the scar, again to make it look a little fresher.


You can also use this eyeshadow to connect the lines in a safe way, and make the scar come closer to your eye.


To make the look extra creepy, apply one white or light blue contact to make it look as if your eye has been damaged by whatever gave you the scar.


Final step is to dab on some dark red lipstick, and you’re all done!


Have fun this Halloween guys, and make sure to be safe!


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3 thoughts on “Lady Pirate | Halloween Pictorial”

  1. This is actually super helpful! I got invited to a last minute Halloween party and had no idea what to be! I love crazy makeup but don’t feel like applying a lot for this party. Pretty sure I am going to borrow this look. Hopefully I can find my old rigid collodion…

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