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A Colloquium & Zoo Date | Loepsie’s Life

Happy October Monday, my lovely readers! Can you believe it’s October already? September just flew by, and was the loveliest Indian summer ever, but I’m kind of glad we’ve gone into autumn now. I’m ready for steaming cups of tea, onesies, blankets, burgundy clothes and dark lipstick. Bring it on! Last week was a very busy one. I had an out-of-the-door activity almost every day, but it was all super fun.



On Monday I took it easy with a lot of laid-back laptop work. I headed home from Robbert’s to my parents’ house by bike. I have a love-hate relationship with the route, it can be super lovely when the weather’s nice or hell when it’s rainy and windy. It’s always good exercise though.


The rats LOVE noodles! They absolutely love them. Spaghetti too, haha! They can’t have too much of that but it’s so cute to watch them eat it, you wouldn’t believe the speed with which they make noodles disappear.

As every Monday, the evening is for jazz dance class and the journey back home to Utrecht.



Grocery haul! I got sweet potato, pears, grapes, tomato paste, muesli, almond milk, sundried tomato hummus and brussel sprouts.


As this was pretty much my only chance to film this week, I filmed a bunch of videos in a row. As a little break I headed out to search for a good, budget-friendly dark red lipstick. They’re so hard to find! Either they’re too sheer, too patchy, too purple… No success this time.


I made myself a lentil stew with sweet potato and brussel sprouts, yum yum yuuuum!



On Wednesday I had a little meeting in the morning, and then I hopped on the train to Amsterdam because…


Robbert had his colloquium! He got some really nice grades at the end and is now officially a Master of Science in mathematics. I’m so so proud of him!


Afterwards we went out to celebrate with his parents and sister. We sat down in a little cafe and had some great food. I honestly think I could live off of just nachos. No joke.


I had a curry afterwards which was really nice as well.
Then Robbert and I headed back to Utrecht…



Because we were going to the east early next morning! A new zoo opened in Emmen recently, a really giant one that’s a kind of zoo-theme park hybrid. I really wanted to check it out so we decided to head out there on Thursday. Emmen is really far away but it was worth it.


The park has three different themes, based off of climates or regions in the world. It was really nicely done!


Jungle selfie.


There was this strange random cannibal path in the jungle section… Heheh


We got home pretty late and didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered some Tex-Mex. More nachos, get in my belly!!!



I’d bought these Essence lipsticks in Emmen. They’re so gorgeous! The first one is a beautiful, opaque matte dark red, and the other one is a pure black. Love-it.

My mom had an event in Utrecht so we met up afterwards and took the train home together.


Llewelyn <3



On Saturday morning I went to the scouting. The oldest kids from each group were officially moving to the next group, which is always done via an exciting obstacle course. I was there to cheer them on, especially my kids of course. Most of the kids I worked with for the past years were doing the course now so I wanted to be there to support them. They’re all big now, it made me a little emotional haha!



The next day I went back to scouting again, for my own group this time! I’m now a coordinator for the activities for the 18+ age group, and we had a meeting on Sunday. We DIY-ed our new uniforms and played some games, it was really fun. Afterwards Robbert and I headed to his parents’ again, and that was the end of my week!

I hope you have a great week ahead, guys. See you soon!


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  1. Do you have a lentil recipe somewhere?? I tried to make them the other day and they tasted like dirt…haha and I know you love them, so they probably shouldn’t taste like that!

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