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How To Throw A Kickass Onesie Party

It’s my birthday today! I’ve officially turned 24. It always take a bit of time to adjust to a new number and I tend to get quite melancholic around my birthday, but this year I actually feel super grateful for having made it this far in life. I’m spending my actual birthday in the Efteling with Robbert today, which is one of the reasons I’m super excited for my birthday for the first time in years.
A while back I threw a onesie party for my scouting group, which was so much fun to do. We had a great time and I came across many super fun ideas while planning and executing the party. I thought: what better time to share party ideas with you than on my birthday? So today I have a bunch of tips for you on how to throw a kickass onesie party. I defnitely plan to do this one day when Robbert and I move into a full-size apartment!

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Birthday Celebrations | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday my lovely readers! Hope you’re all doing well. I had a really fun week last week! There was more going on than usual but I managed to not get stressed out and I got everything done that I had planned, so I’m proud of myself. It’s my birthday in two days! We celebrated with my family last weekend, which was really fun. The day itself I’m going to spend in the Efteling with Robbert and I’m beyond excited.
Let’s take a look at my photos from last week!

After working from my parents’ home all day, I headed to dance class on Monday evening. Afterwards I made my way to the train station, and as it had been quite an intense workout this time, I got myself a beetroot, pear, apple, lime and cucumber juice, and some roasted edamame. Gimme that protein!

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February Weekend Loves #3

Happy weekend! Do you have anything exciting planned? I’m going to be celebrating my brithday with my family but other than that, I don’t have much going on. I’ll be excitedly looking forward to my actual birthday on Wednesday that I’m spending in the Efteling, my favourite place on earth. Anyways, it’s time to share my best discoveries of this week with you! My list is dominated by one giant favourite, which has instantly become one of my favourite things of all time…

This Movie

Ok, here’s the deal. I LOVE the Lego movie. Batman is my favourite super hero. When I heard there was a Lego Batman movie coming out, I knew I had to see it, and the release just kind of happened to coincide with Valentine’s day… So yeah, we went to see the Lego Batman movie on our Valentine’s date. AND I HAVE NO REGRETS!!! I went in with very hight expectations, half expecting to be disappointed, but it was amazing. This is one of the greatest movies ever made. I loved every second of it. They had me literally crying with laughter within the first five minutes of the movie, and I’m usually quite a tough crowd. The creators of the Lego movies just hit my type of humour spot on and I can’t resist it. Not everyone is probably going to love this as much as I do but this is definitely going on my list of movies I don’t mind watching over and over. Here you have three trailers just because.

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I LOVE BEAUTY Ticket Giveaway

This post accompanies a giveaway that’s hosted on my Dutch channel. All of my lovely international readers; please come back tomorrow for a new blogpost!


Op zaterdag 18 en zondag 19 maart 2017 vindt hét leukste beauty-dagje uit weer plaats in de Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. De 3e editie van I Love Beauty vult dan weer 7000m2 met alles op het gebied van beauty, fashion en lifestyle. Naast de vele exposanten zijn er weer workshops, is er de Huiskamer met vele bekende vloggers en zijn onder andere Fred van Leer en Miss Lipgloss aanwezig om jou alles te vertellen op het gebied van beauty en fashion.

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