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Belle (Beauty and the Beast) | Beauty Beacons of Fiction

Beauty Beacons time! In this episode of Beauty Beacons of Fiction I’m going to show you how to get Belle’s iconic look from the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, to celebrate the premiere of the new live-action movie starring Emma Watson.

Sorry about the sound in the 2nd half of the video… Should’ve put my microphone elsewhere¬†>.<

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One thought on “Belle (Beauty and the Beast) | Beauty Beacons of Fiction”

  1. Loved this hairstyle, and all the inspiration and tips you give. It reminded me that I used to do simple rolls like these in my hair. I don’t have a specific person, but I would love to see more simple wearable styles/ beauty beacon styles that don’t involve French and Dutch braids, which I cannot do (never looks right, ever!).

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