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My Fjällräven Re-Kånken Backpack

A few weeks back, I saw a blogpost by a Dutch blogger showcasing her new backpack. The second I saw it, I fell in love. I’d been on the lookout for a new backpack for a while and this one had everything I was looking for. It was elegant, simple, the perfect size and shape, and environmentally friendly. It was the Fjällräven Re-Kånken. Lucky for me this was just a few weeks before my birthday, and my parents were sweet enough to gift it to me as a birthday present. Meet my new backpack!

The Fjällräven Kånken is a classic amongst backpacks. I’m sure you’ve seen the oblong backpack with the two round straps on the top before on the streets, they’re super popular here in the Netherlands and I see them all the time. The regular Kånken has a white round logo with the iconic red Fjällräven fox, but the Re-Kånken is distinguished from it by an embroidered logo in the colour of the backpack. I love how subtle this looks.

The Kånken backpack was originally developed in the 70s for Swedish school children, but gained popularity amongst all ages all over the world. The Re-Kånken is a new version of the original, different in everything but the design. The backpack was designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s made completely out of recycled PET bottles, 11 in every bag to be precise. The dying process is also more environmentally friendly, as the yarn is dyed early on in the production process, when it required a lot less chemicals, water and energy to take on a colour. Everything on the bag except for the buttons, zippers and strap buckles can be recycled again. In the far away future that is, as the bag is supposed to be very durable.

I love how brilliantly simple this design is. Look at the way those straps are attached!

The top straps, which are perfect for carrying the bag in your hand comfortably, can be tied together with this little button. The buttons you see on the back straps are there so you can completely shorten the back straps and button them up, so that they’re flat against the bag and you can use it with just the handheld straps.

The bag has one small pocket on the front, closed by a covered zipper, and then a large compartment in the back. There’s a sleeve in the back where you can put your laptop or paperwork, but the backpack also comes with a seat pad that you can take out and use to sit on the floor. It also helps keep the shape of the bag and form a protective layer between your back and the contents of your bag. The zippers of the main compartment zip all the way down, which is really practical. On each side of the backpack there’s a pocket for a water bottle or foldable umbrella. The fabric of the bag is water resistant.

I am head over heels in love with my Fjällräven Re-Kånken! It’s super comfortable to wear, looks awesome, and fits an incredible amount of stuff. I plan to use it a lot and I hope it’ll last me a long, long time!

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