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Quinoa, Grape & Avocado Salad | Recipe

When you take a holiday in villages and small towns in central/eastern Europe, it’s not too surprising that you’ll have a hard time finding vegan dishes in restaurants. I’m glad to see more and more vegan options in the big cities every year though, and always very happy to try them. This summer, one night, we had dinner in a restaurant in Bratislava which had this dish on their menu: a salad with quinoa, grapes, avocado, pine nuts and aged balsamic vinegar. I ordered it and was very pleasantly surprised! It’s a really simple dish, but the flavours go so well together and the meal is packed with nutrients. I recreated it at home and wanted to share the recipe with you even though it’s super simple, as I think this makes a perfect lunch. I ended up using walnuts instead of pine nuts as the only pine nuts I could find were sold at €4,50 per 100g, and that’s just ridiculous. Walnuts work great in the recipe, so you can run with either, depending on what you have available!

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Benefit Bigger & Bolder Brows | Review

A few weeks ago I recieved a very exciting package from Benefit, which contained a bunch of their new products. I’ve selected a few that I’d like to share with you over the coming weeks, starting with the  Benefit Bigger & Bolder Brows buildable-colour kit for dramatic brows. This kit supposedly contains everything you need to create “wow brows”. I’ve tried brow products from Benefit before and I’ve felt very positively about them in the past. Benefit know what they’re doing when it comes to eyebrows, so I’m really excited to give this kit a go. Let’s see how I like it!

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Back To Reality | Loepsie’s Life

Hello my lovely readers! I come to you with my photo diary on a Tuesday, since my friends from Ireland came over to Utrecht yesterday and I wanted to spend the day with them. So, my first week back home… I had lots of great things planned, was all fired up and ready to get to work, but then I got felled by a cold. I should’ve known, after 9 days in rainy, cold outdoor Scotland it’s a miracle I didn’t come down with it sooner. I wasn’t ready to cancel all of my plans though, so I tried to take it easy inbetween and hope it blows over quickly. Let’s take a look at what my week was like!

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Cindy Crawford | Beauty Beacons

It’s about time for a new episode of Beauty Beacons, don’t you think?
For the longest time I’ve held off on recreating looks from the 90s, because I thought they were too recent. Like, yesterday. Then I realised that’s just because I remember them, and I’m not getting any younger. So… Here’s Cindy Crawford for ya, a 90s Beauty Beacon if there’s ever been one. Enjoy!