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Greetings to you on this lovely Monday. I hope you’re all doing well. This past week has been a quiet one for me, my favourite type of week πŸ˜‰ Time to share what I was up to, through the photos on my phone!

Kicking it off with this week’s grocery haul. I got dark bread, salt & vinegar crisps, spicy hummus, soy meat, tomatoes, bananas, tomato puree, a pumpkin, lentil patties, muesli, chickpeas, crackers, onions and bulgur.

Editing editing editing! I finished the 20’s style revival video. I’m really not a big fan of 20’s fashion and beauty trends, but I do think the video turned out quite nice πŸ™‚ Editing took up most of the day today.

It’s definitely candle weather now. I lit my Rituals candle from last year’s christmas collection (or was it the year before..?). I love burning scented candles, but I can’t wait until I have a bigger living space so the scent doesn’t give me a headache within a few minutes, haha!

I always forget how horrible it is to cut onions when you’re not wearing contacts.

Robbert came over in the evening and I made this spicy pumpkin stew,Β which we enjoyed while watching The Defenders.

My new vlogging camera came in on Tuesday evening! I wanted to start vlogging this morning, but I couldn’t find the charger to my Panasonic vlog camera. That was the last push I needed to finally go ahead and order a proper, good quality portable camera. My previous vlog camera had terrible sound quality and with the moving vlogs and vlogmas coming up, I thought now would be the perfect time to go ahead and purchase the Canon G7X mark II that I’ve had my eye on for a long time. This is the camera many big Dutch YouTubers use for vlogging so I knew it would be good, and luckily I can now confirm that myself as well.

On Wednesday I gave the camera a test run, by bringing it on Robbert’s and my trip to Arnhem! You can watch the vlog of the whole day here, if you’re interested.

We hopped into Primark to get Robbert some new jeans. I needed a scarf as I lost mine on the train last week, and I wanted to see if I could get some long-sleeve shirts as well, which would be good now that it’s too cold for tshirts but too hot for sweaters. I managed to find two nice tops in the end, but the majority of what I tried on was horrible. Like this. What even is this? Surprisingly enough though, it looks a lot better in a different colour and is really nice when worn open. I ended up purchasing the more flattering, light version.

I wore the new flanel next day for an outfit shoot, which I ended up kind of blowing. I’ve been having PMS all week, but this day was especially intense. When we arrived at the park to take photos, I couldn’t shake the feeling that everybody who walked by was looking at me funnily and it bothered me tremendously, which usually doesn’t happen. I ended up looking super awkward in most photos because I didn’t feel great, but luckily Robbert managed to get some good shots in as well. Post will be up soon!

Robbert went home in the afternoon and I decided to have some me-time in the evening. I watched a home improvement show, had some pepernoten,

applied my hair masks, and then ran a bath and read some chapters of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I felt much better next day.

Which is good, as I needed to film a Halloween tutorial! Here’s a little sneak peek.

My skin wasn’t too happy with it though, I had those red streaks around my eyes for a good hour. Oops!

In the evening I went to the scouting to carve pumpkins with the teens. I’m acting as a stand in leader for the explorer scouts for two months while their leader is off on holiday in South Africa. This day we had our Halloween assembly, and of course pumpkin carving couldn’t be left out. Mine is on the far left πŸ™‚

On Saturday I went over to Robbert’s, and on Sunday we spent the day sorting through all of his clothing. He hadn’t done that in years, and we found some shirts I remember he used to wear in high school! We ended up donating five bags full of old clothes. I honestly wasn’t expecting us to get rid of so much, but now he has a nice selection of stuff he actually likes, fits, and wants to wear. And there’ll be more space in the closet for me when we move, heehee!

Found his high school graduation cap! I have the same one, I believe it’s somewhere at my parents’ house.

After I came home to my parents’, I asked my brother to draw some more furniture for me in our SketchUp apartment model. That white rectangle against the wall is a bookshelf (shelves will be added, of course), and along with all books and decorations we plan to have the TV in there, possibly hidden behind doors. It’s coming together so nicely now, I can’t wait to see what it’ll all look like in real life!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week as well guys, and I hope you have a great one ahead of you. Talk to you soon!



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  1. I’m laughing so much at the pumpkin at the far right. It’s adorable.

    My boyfriend also has a lot of super old clothes he never uses, it’s incredible. xD

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