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Destruction Or Waste: A Dilemma

Every now and then my mind goes off and I wander into these weird thoughts. I wonder whether any of you have ever pondered these things: allow me to bounce some off you and see where it takes us. I think it’s important to think about complicated things every now and then, give your brain a little exercise. Today, I have a dilemma for you!

Here it goes: when you know something marvellous can be uncovered by archeologists, do you excavate it, admiring its beauty and importance but ruining its timeline of existing in daylight, falling into ruin, and sinking deeper and deeper into the earth for hundreds or thousands of years? Probably destroying it in the process or removing it from its context? Or do you leave it in the earth, guessing its potential but never knowing all the beautiful things we could learn from it? By digging it out it’s given a second life: is it worth destroying the first one and interfering with the natural course of time?

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Organising Junk Drawers

Everyone has this one drawer. This one drawer that collects all your items that don’t have a proper home: the drawer that you can’t keep organised to save your life. For me, it’s my desk drawer. The top and bottom drawers tend to collect random items from around the house, and while the other drawers used to house my uni notes and supplies, they’ve kind of turned into junk drawers as well. It’s about time I did something about it!


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Optimism for Pessimists

You guys often tell me how positive and optimistic I always seem. It’s a huge compliment for me, because I need to make a big effort to be that way. I am naturally a terrible pessimist with the ability to point out the worst in any situation within seconds. While some people view the world though rose-coloured glasses, I tend to wear black tinted shades.
The fact that I have a natural tendency to think like this, doesn’t mean I have to accept it and learn to live with it. For a few years now I’ve been determined to become an optimist and I think I’m doing pretty well.

Optimists have a smaller chance of developing depression or anxiety, they experience less stress and have a better mental health overall, which can result in better physical health and a longer lifespan.

Today I’m going to share my tips: take off those black shades and don your rose-colourd glasses! This is optimism for pessimists.

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