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Nude & Gold French Mani

I love experimenting with my nails. Although I’m definitely not a star when it comes to nail art, a French mani is something most people are able to do with a bit of practice. Recently I came across a nude and gold French manicure on Pinterest that I fell in love with- had to try it for myself!


It’s actually really easy to do. Just paint your nails in a light, pinky nude. Then take a gold nailpolish and go over the tips of your nails, where the whites would naturally be.


I like to just hold my nailpolish brush horizontally and hold the edge of it to the tip of my nail. Then, instead of swooping the brush across my nail, I just roll my finger underneath it. It gives a much more steady line!


I love this look, I hope maybe some of you got some inspiration from it for your next manicure!


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3 thoughts on “Nude & Gold French Mani”

  1. Hahaha I know that feeling 😛 I've actually done a couple of nail art tutorials before where I had to remove the polish straight away, delete the video and never speak of it again… xD Especially on my right hand!

  2. This is lovely! I have many designs pinned on my 'Hair and Nail Art' Pinterest board that I promise myself I will attempt, but I am completely useless at it, and it ends up looking like the dog has done it! I'm envious of your talent lol xx Happy Thursday xx

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